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Purpose of Position: 
  Responsible for assisting in the instructional program under general supervision of the classroom teacher.
Essential Duties:
              1. Works with individual or small groups of students on specific skills/ and or specific assignments.
               2. Provides frequent feedback to students as he/she works on assignments.
               3. Assists in the preparation of materials, bulletin boards, etc.
               4. Scores/corrects papers, quizzes, tests.
               5. Performs health care procedures as specified in the Individual Education Plans of the students.
               6. Assists students in group or classroom activities.
               7. Supervises students at arrival, dismissal, lunch and playground times.
               8. Assists with classroom documentation.
               9. Monitors/supervises students in moving throughout the daily transitions.
               10. Attends staff meetings, in-service and training programs.
               11. Attends student IEP meetings as required.
               12. Assists in the supervision of field trips and assemblies, as well as other school programs.
               13. Accompanies students to mainstreamed classes as needed.
               14. Assists in the implementation of student's Individual Education Plan.
               15. Performs other duties as assigned.


ISBE Paraprofessional Licensure or higher.


Employed to work the school year


Medical, dental and vision


How to Apply

Apply online at www.summithill.org

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