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Under the direction of a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or School Psychologist, the Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) or Behavioral Technician (BT) provides skill instruction and behavior reduction plans based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children with autism and related developmental disabilities in the school setting. 


The RBT or BT works with students with disabilities to implement appropriate teaching strategies as prescribed by the students’ individualized education plan (IEP) and implement appropriate behavior management techniques, including any crisis management procedures, as outlined in the student’s behavior intervention plan.  Some examples  include:  following reinforcement schedules and using reinforcement appropriately, complete data collection as directed by supervising BCBA, School Psychologist, or Special Education Teacher, and work with special education school personnel to ensure effective ongoing implementation of behavioral strategies for student success. RBT’s/BT’s prepare program materials for treatment protocols that include a wide variety of domains such as toilet training, communication, social, and adaptive living skills


At FJSPED, BCBA’s are on staff to build and plan interventions, and we are looking for RBT’s or BT’s to implement the interventions and instruction on a daily basis within the classroom.  The current position involves working one to one with students within 1 to 2 classrooms at a grade school in Jefferson County, IL.  The classroom and program is designed for students who are on the Autism Spectrum or who have other communication disorders. 


Professional development and on the job training for a new RBT/BT are key at FJSPED. We strive to create a learning environment where we all work together to support both students and staff in learning and reaching their potential.  


 FJSPED is looking for someone who is a positive team player with an energetic personality. This person needs excellent organizational and time management skills, and the ability to communicate appropriately given the circumstances of the situation and individuals involved. Discretion is required in matters that require confidentiality.


High School diploma and coursework in Psychology or related field preferred

Registered Behavior Technician Certification (BACB) or in process


Competitive Salary

Benefits, including health insurance, supplemental insurance, retirement benefits, and more. FJSPED prides itself on providing ongoing professional development to stay current in best practices with students who have disabilities. Upward movement within the Cooperative is possible.  Staff receive 15 sick days and 3 personal days per year. The work schedule is on a school based calendar, with options for additional work over summer if preferred. Paid Holidays and time off (including school breaks such as Spring Break, Winter Break, and National Holidays). 

Additional Notes

If you are looking for a career to pursue your passion of helping kids with disabilities reach their potential, apply with us! 

How to Apply

Complete the Application Here and email with a resume to jpieper@fjsped.org

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