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POSITION GOAL:   The assistant principal will support, lead, develop and organize a learning environment that will ensure that each child within the school experiences continuous academic achievement consistent with the guidelines set forth by State and Federal mandates and outlined in the District’s strategic plan as directed by the principal.  The assistant principal will provide instructional leadership that will direct, encourage and inspire teachers to carry out the instructional process that will enhance learning opportunities and will ensure that each child participates in extraordinary academic, social and cultural experiences.  The assistant principal will work in collaboration with parents, community members, and others in the educational process to ensure the success of each child.


  1. Aligns school practices and initiatives with the District’s Strategic Plan.
  2. Ensures effective internal and external communication.
  3. Engages in ongoing assessment of school progress and student achievement.
  4. Assists school-level teams in the preparation and review of the site-based school improvement plans.
  5. Assist in organizing the professional development opportunities to ensure continuous improvement of all staff associated with student achievement.
  6. Supports and provides oversight of the school’s key operational areas, including instruction, student support services, budget and accountability for student achievement.
  7. Serve as Local Education Agency Representative for students with Individualized Education Plans.
  8. Supervises, mentors and evaluates teachers and other building level staff.
  9. Remains current on instructional and other research pertaining to student achievement and social-emotional learning needs.
  10. Utilizes research-based approaches to improve student achievement and overall school performance.
  11. Works in collaboration with the faculty and staff to develop programs and strategies to ensure high levels of achievement for each child.
  12. Embraces individual and special needs of each child and provides the appropriate educational programs and resources.
  13. Ensures fiscal and programmatic compliance with state and federal programs.
  14. Assists in identifying resources needed to support instructional and non-instructional programs.
  15. Builds a school climate focused on achievement and success for each child.
  16. Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills
  17. Performs such other duties and assumes other responsibilities as may, from time to time, be assigned.



  1. Demonstrated results with obtaining measurable student achievement.
  2. Knowledge of educational research and practices on teaching, learning, achievement, school improvement and educational change.
  3. Holds, or is eligible to obtain, an Illinois Administrative Certificate (Type 75) and has completed a Master’s Degree with courses in educational administration, program evaluation, planning, curriculum and instruction or comparable experiences.

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