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  • Interprets teacher’s and other students’ comment to program students during classroom activities.
  • Interprets program students’ comments to teachers during classroom activities.
  • Reviews coursework materials in advance so that classroom activities can be conveyed clearly and accurately.
  • Researches and chooses signs to convey clear meanings in all settings.
  • Provides note taking or arranges note taking services.
  • Facilitates academic and personal communication for program students by providing interpreting services during tutoring sessions, counseling sessions, annual reviews, school assemblies, and after school activities.
  • Provides information about students’ communication and language needs consistent with the team’s direction to teachers in mainstream classes.
  • Exhibits knowledge of the language and communication needs of students who are deaf/hard of hearing and the ability to communicate with students who are deaf/hard of hearing.
  • Exhibits knowledge of the unique nature of educational interpreting/transliterating.
  • Exhibits exemplary interpersonal skills in dealing with students, staff, and parents
  • Projects a positive image of the district to students, staff, and parents as well as exhibiting a positive and collaborative attitude on the job.
  • Educates students and staff in the strategies, processes, and protocol for using an Interpreter.
  • Advocates for communication access and models self-advocacy skills.
  • Participates in professional growth activities.
  • Participates in staff and building meetings as appropriate and as requested by teachers or by Program Supervisor.


  • Have or obtain the Illinois State Board of Education Educational Interpreter Approval
  • Ability to read, write and communicate in English to understand directions and communicate with students and staff.
  • Ability to physically move about the building.
  • Ability to make minor decisions in accordance with established procedures.
  • Ability to participate in NSSEO approved behavior management procedures, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NVCI) and to apply training in crisis situations including student restraints as needed.


competitive salary and benefits

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To apply please visit www.nsseo.org - employment - Educational Support Staff

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