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Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210

TITLE: Director of Community Relations


Under the direction of the Superintendent, the Director of Community Relations represents the school district to the community at large through the development and maintenance of relationships with key community groups, external agencies, and/or other interested parties. Analyzes and interprets a variety of data and makes recommendations on the appropriate actions to meet community needs. Assists in the collection and dissemination of data for Freedom of Information Act requests. Coordinates special projects for the Superintendent.


The Director of Community Relations carries out operating policies and procedures with a focus in the area of community relations programs.


  1. Represents the school district to the community at large, which includes developing and maintaining relationships with key community groups and constituencies, Chambers of Commerce, senior citizen groups, business groups, private foundations, and/or other interested parties.
  2. Communicates student achievement, activities, and programs to all community stakeholders.
  3. Analyzes and interprets data to develop programs that meet community needs.
  4. Collaborates with the schools within the district to support and influence community relations efforts.
  5. Develop a comprehensive communication plan for the District.
  6. Assists in the collection and dissemination of data for Freedom of Information Act requests.
  7. Serves upon request as speech writer for board officers and/or Superintendent.
  8. Oversees and maintains all social media posts that are associated with the school district.
  9. Assists the Director of Technology with the upkeep of the District’s website.
  10. Oversees the posting of school board documents on the District’s website.
  11. Spokesperson for the District to the media.
  12. Assists



Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Education, Public Affairs, Public Administration, Communications or related area. Experience working in a public school setting. Excellent communication skills.  A strong understanding of how to manage social media.


Knowledge of:

  • Community relations principles and practices;
  • Budgeting principles and practices;
  • Project management principles and practices;
  • School district operations and administration principles and practices;
  • Public relations principles.

Demonstrated Skill in:

  • Developing and monitoring budgets;
  • Managing projects;
  • Preparing a variety of reports related to operational activities, including statistical analysis;
  • Managing and coordinating the preparation and publication of a variety of community relations materials;
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with community groups;
  • Analyzing and interpreting data and making appropriate recommendations based on findings;
  • Coordinating special projects;
  • Working with diverse academic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of community, students and staff;
  • Utilizing computer technology for communication, data gathering and reporting activities;
  • Communicating effectively through oral and written mediums.



Bachelor's Degree

Strong Communication Skills

Experience working in public/community relations


Regionally competitive

How to Apply

Complete application at: https://www.lw210.org/page/employment-opportunities 

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