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  1. Assist all students in their assigned daily academics as instructed by teachers.
  2. Assist in grading work and assigning students individual academic work.
  3. Alerts the teacher to special needs of individual students.
  4. Provides escorts and assistance to students as necessary.
  5. Helps maintain individual records for each student.
  6. Distributes and collects workbooks, papers, and other materials for instruction.
  7. Changes will be implemented as needed to meet the individual needs of students.
  8. Is responsible for student safety education and accident prevention.
  9. Reports all unsafe conditions to the school principal promptly.
  10. Reports all accidents or injuries to the principal as soon as possible.
  11. Supervises and intervenes to regulate student behavior so as to alleviate the risk that inappropriate behaviors will place students or staff at risk of harm.



  1. Hold or be eligible for teacher assistant certificate.  Contact Macon Piatt Regional Office of Education for detail



Wages, hours, terms, and conditions of employment pursuant to negotiated agreement.

Additional Notes

Talent Acquisition Event in Person or Virtual

Meet the DPS 61 Administration team at the Table!

Email recruit@dps61.org for more information

How to Apply

To establish a pre-employment file, please complete the online application.
Certified Teaching Positions are posted per the Decatur Education Association collective bargaining agreement for specified period of time and go into a review/interviewing state. If a viable candidate is not selected, the positions repost.    For broadest exposure, please select Vacancy Pools in addition to Vacancy Desired.
If you don't immediately identify the position you are seeking, I encourage you to reach out to me directly at recruit@dps61.org as well as continue monitoring the job posting board regularly and apply to all positions for which you qualify. https://www.dps61.org/employment

We look forward to receiving your application and sharing it with the key players who are looking to bring on new Educators and Support Team Members within Decatur Public School District 61

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