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McLean County Unit District No. 5

Position Title:  School Social Worker
Location:         TBD
Department:     Building Personnel
Reports to:       Principal/Assistant Principal
FLSA Class:     Exempt
FTE:                  1.0


To help students achieve maximal social and emotional functioning by serving those children whose social, emotional, and/or behavioral problems interfere greatly with their ability to profit from the school experience.


  1. The school social worker shall provide consultation and in-service training to school personnel.
  2. The school social worker shall be responsible for providing the social-development study in a case study evaluation and for participating in the identification of those children who require social work intervention.
  3. The school social worker shall assist students directly toward adjustment to school.
  4. The school social worker shall be responsible for servicing as a liaison between the home and the school, and for providing parental education and counseling as appropriate in relation to the child’s problem.
  5. The school social worker shall facilitate the effective utilization of existing community resources to meet the needs of school children.
  6. The school social worker shall keep informed of new developments in the field.
  7. The school social worker shall participate in case conferences when referred students are involved, or as requested.
  8. The school social worker shall attend multi-disciplinary staff conferences.
  9. Supervise training of school social worker interns in Unit No. 5 School District.
  10. The school social worker will participate with the administrative team regarding general principal, department head and District meetings.
  11. Coordinate developmental screening for 3 and 4 year-old children in Unit No.  5 School District.
  12. The school social worker shall perform all duties necessary to the position and such other duties as may be fixed by the Director of Special Education.




  1. Master’s Degree in Social Work
  2. A Type 73 School Service Personnel Certificate
  3. Be registered as a Certified Social Worker
  4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable.





Fully Board Paid Medical, Dental, and Vision available
Per the negotiated contract between McLean County Unit 5 and the United Five Education Association, for the 2024-2025 school year the starting salary range for candidates with a Bachelor's Degree is $41,820 - $56,066 and is based on Education and Certified Teaching experience.  For candidates with a Master's Degree, the range is $46,820 - $67,214 and is based on Education and Certified Teaching experience. 

How to Apply

Application Procedure:
Apply Online at www.unit5.org

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