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1. Assesses students’ communication skills (e.g. articulations, fluency, voice, expressive and receptive language, etc.) for the purpose of identifying communication disorders, determining program eligibility and developing recommendations for treatment. 2. Collaborates with a variety of groups and/or individuals for the purpose of communicating information, resolving issues and providing services in compliance with established guidelines. 3. Coordinates meetings and processes for eligible students (e.g. testing/screening, IEPs, parent conferences, prereferral staffing, etc.) for the purpose of presenting evaluation results, developing treatment plans, and/or providing training to parents/students/staff. 4. Develops treatment plans, interventions and/or educational materials for the purpose of minimizing the adverse impact of communication disorders in compliance with regulatory requirements. 5. Instructs eligible students in the use of appropriate communication technologies (e.g. hearing aids, FM systems, augmentative communication devices, etc.) for the purpose of minimizing the adverse educational impact of communication disorders in accordance with established guidelines and legal requirements. 6. Maintains files and/or records (e.g. progress reports, activity logs, billing information, treatment plans, required documentation, quarterly reports, screening results, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of information as required for reference and or compliance. 7. Participates in meetings, workshops, and seminars (e.g. training, IEPs, team meetings, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information. 8. Provides speech and language therapy to students for the purpose of minimizing the adverse impact of speech and language disorders on student success. 9. Seeks appropriate in-service and professional development. Works within the policies and regulations of the SPEED Governing Board and member school districts; Illinois public acts and regulations as described by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and serviced by the South Cook ISC4; and applicable Federal laws, regulations and guidelines applicable to the education of students


Hold an Illinois Professional Educator License with a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Endorsement.  Demonstrate excellence in verbal and written communications.  Experience with collaborative groups and processes in a student-centered environment.  Other qualifications of academic, professional, and personal excellence as the Governing Board may specify.


In compliance with SEA Bargaining Agreement

Additional Notes

1. Makes professional decisions that demonstrate support of the mission, goals and best interest of SPEED. 2. Utilizes community, state and national resources where necessary to promote the safety and welfare of students. 3. Responsible for all assigned students and educational support staff as well as any assigned student teachers, interns, and volunteers working in the school for the welfare and safety of all students while in the classroom, on school grounds, during before and after-school activities. 4. Other duties may be assigned.

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