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  1. As a building leader, contributes toward and facilitates the learning needs of the students assigned to the school and obtains the efforts of all staff members through encouragement and example.
  2. Evaluates the performance of all staff members assigned to the school in accordance with the district evaluation plan and PERA.
  3. Enables staff to improve performance and to grow on the job, by providing staff development/in-service or by directing staff to other offerings.
  4. Selects, hires, and manages the performance of staff assigned to the building as requested by the principal.
  5. Recommends changes or improvements in all areas of operation which will enable the school and school staff to best serve the needs of the students assigned to the school.
  6. Collects, records, stores, and makes available as needed, the data which will assist with sound planning and decision-making for individual students, classrooms, the school, and the district. Manages data in accordance with all privacy acts and district policy.
  7. Collaborates with the other administrators to further the cause of elementary education and to promote district-wide activities.
  8. Establishes good relationships with school clientele, parents, and business to bring together school and community.
  9. Develops a plan for personal and professional growth which enables the assistant principal to become increasingly proficient in fulfilling his/her leadership role.
  10. Supports and maintains a positive school climate.
  11. Manages all aspects of the physical environment to facilitate the education of students assigned to the school and to ensure the health and safety of students and staff and implements other duties as assigned.
  12. Assumes all other duties assigned by the building principal and district administration.



CERTIFICATION:  Illinois Professional Educator License with Principal or General Administrative Endorsement. Teacher Evaluator Modules (1-5) must be completed prior to the start of the school year.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Searching for a collaborative leader, who will assist the principal in implementing a clear vision for the school.  Ideal candidates should have excellent communication skills, proven instructional leadership; team building and facilitation of student growth skills; student discipline; MTSS and experiences with various aspects of education. 


CONDITIONS:  210-day Contract will begin July 1, 2024

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