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Instructional Support and Organization

    Develops and administers a coordinated school health program.

  •   Assesses the health and safety needs of the school environment.
  •   Establishes a communicable disease prevention and control program in cooperation with local and state public health agencies
  •   Manages school health records in accordance with Illinois School Students Records Act.
  •   Establishes and manages health screening programs according to state mandates and guidelines.
  •   Participates in the development of health-related policies and procedures in compliance with state mandates and current health practices.
  •   Purchases and maintains health supplies and equipment.
  •   Provides staff inservice programs on health topics including blood borne pathogens and other mandated health issues.
  •   Provides health related classroom instruction.
  • Administers medication with appropriate documentation per ECHO.
  • Supervises and/or provides screening and follow for deficits in vision, hearing, growth and development, and other physical deficits.
  • Maintains accurate medical records to assure compliance with state mandates including immunizations, physical examination, and medical conditions. 
  • Participates as crisis team member and provides crisis intervention in the advent of sudden illness or injury.
  • Makes appropriate assessments and referrals for suspected abuse/neglect as a mandated reporter.
  • Writes the health component for the eligibility and Individual education Plan as indicated.
  • Recommends modifications of the school program for students who require accommodations due to a health deficit.
  • Develops and maintains current health care plans for students who need special nursing interventions during the school day.
  • Set up CPR/AED training for staff.




  •   Maintains communication with administrators, teachers other school personnel and parents/guardians to enhance cooperative action, which will meet the health and safety needs of students.
  •   Initiates contact with and acts as a liaison between the home, school, community health agencies and the private medical sector to enhance the health and wellness of the school community.
  •   Maintains confidentiality regarding all school and health related issues.
  • Trains, monitors and maintains communication with LPNs and other staff involved in special nursing interventions.

 Professional Responsibilities


  •   Participates as a member of professional school nursing and education organizations and utilizes continuing education            opportunities to enhance professional knowledge in both nursing and education fields.
  •   Participates as a member of the faculty on ECHO committees.
  •   Participates as an active member of the school community, representing health/wellness.
  •   Adheres to ISBE State Standards for school nursing


Illinois Type 73 Certification with School Nurse Endorsement
 Illinois Certification as a Vision and Hearing Screening Technici
 Prior nursing experience, preferably pediatric, adolescent, community or mental health nursing and health program management     CPR/AED Certification



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