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Title:  Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Reports To: Program Administrator for Visually Impaired Program

Job Goal: To provide direct instruction, technical support and skills; this includes providing appropriate tools, materials and curricular support as well as help in functional areas of daily living and vocational areas.


  • Valid Illinois Professional Educator License for the Blind and Partially Seeing
  • Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s Degree Preferred
  • Working knowledge of  Braille (Grade 1 and 2) and knowledge of  how to teach Braille, knowledge of abacus (and ability to teach multiple methods), knowledge of electronic devices including:  Braille and other specialized note takers  (Pac mate,  Braille Note, etc.), comfort and skill in teaching functional daily living experiences, familiarity with low vision tools, and knowledge of the Expanded Core Curriculum
  • Ability to work well with mainstream teachers and related service staff
  • Commitment to professional development


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provide appropriate, individualized instruction to each student on the caseload
  2. Develop lesson plans and schedules that meet the goals of each student
  3. Provide consultation and assistance to mainstream  teachers as to physical and instructional modifications needed for each student in the mainstream
  4. Establish open, frequent communication with parents, and all related and mainstream staff
  5. Present appropriate and specific information of student’s progress towards goals, including evaluative and progress data at IEPs and Eligibility Determinations.
  6. Complete and present detailed functional vision evaluation as part of any three year evaluation (when included on a domain sheet)
  7. Demonstrate ability to implement technical skills for the visually impaired including:
  8. Reading and teaching Braille
  9. Utilization and ability to teach Abacus (multiple methods depending on student need)
  10. Teaching student to use appropriate low vision aids and tools to maximize their functional vision
  11. Ability to teach signature and slate and stylus
  12. Interpreting medical reports and helping student and family to understand the student’s vision loss at an appropriate level
  13. Ability to develop and implement appropriate individual and classroom behavior management skills/programs
  14. Assist students in developing listening skills
  15. Assist  team in following through on appropriate sighted guide and safe travel skills within the classroom and building
  16. May require skills in positioning, feeding, and  developing language
  17. Coordinate and create materials in the student’s preferred media
  18. Assist student to develop appropriate social and independent skills across the curriculum
  19. Participate in appropriate  staff meetings to review and discuss student needs and progress, and participate in professional development meetings as requested
  20. Establish and maintain a positive atmosphere in working with staff in order that this atmosphere will be carried over for the student
  21. Teachers teaching content area subjects must be highly qualified in that area


Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.

Terms of Employment:  183 day work year at compensation set by the SASED Board of Control.

Evaluation:  Performance will be evaluated every year until tenure has been achieved.  Once tenure is earned, performance will be evaluated every other year by the Program Administrator in accordance with the SASED Board of Control policy on evaluation for certified staff.

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