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Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Demonstrates mechanical ability in the maintenance of the building.
  2. Has experience in the field of general construction and related trades or specialties.
  3. Has knowledge or experience in the field of health, education, safety procedures.
  4. Has knowledge of  and able to inspect and maintain all roof top and floor HVAC units.
  5. Inspects and assumes responsibility for the efficient and safe operation in the maintenance and repair of the building, grounds, and equipment.
  6. Supervises the development of maintenance and custodial work schedules and performs custodial duties when the need arises.
  7. Prepares specifications for purchase of equipment for general maintenance and custodial supplies and is alert to the development of new products and their impact on the school maintenance program.
  8. Establishes standards and long term programs for maintenance of buildings and grounds. Organizes and implements a program of preventive maintenance. Maintains records on preventive programs including but not limited to schedule of work completed. 
  9. Makes annual budget estimates of the costs of maintenance and repairs, including supplies and equipment needed.
  10. Maintains on-going files of all required inspections.
  11. Maintains safe conditions for both employees and the public and maintains close liaison with inspectors regarding items related to safety.
  12. Maintains regular communication with the superintendent regarding custodial and maintenance issues and offers suggestions for improvement.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned by the superintendent and school board.
  14. Attends and participates in continuing education as required.
  15. Designated as responsible for asbestos management.
  16. Possess a general knowledge of and experience with boiler steam heating systems.
  17. Manage the Direct Digital Controls & System Front End
  18. Manage the building access controls and keys
  19. Have general knowledge of technology initiatives with the ability to support necessary technology infrastructure upgrades.
  20. Be available for monitoring of learners as needed (arrival, dismissal, cafeteria)
  21. Serve as the liaison between the district and outside contractors
  22. Perform necessary snow removal and salting duties
  23. Collaborates with the Superintendent to create and maintain a plan to utilize Building Maintenance Grant funds 
  24. Serve as the point of contact for Fire Alarm System monitoring, Grundy County Sheriff, and Automated Monitoring Systems.
  25. Collaborates with Village Officials, State Fire Marshal, and Regional Office of Education staff to ensure compliance with Health Life Safety measures
  26. Ability to supervise and provide specific feedback to the custodial staff


  1. High School Diploma
  2. Demonstrated aptitude and/or experience for assigned performance responsibilities and in the following areas:
    1. Building Maintenance
    2. Building Trades
    3. HVAC Systems
    4. Cleaning Operations
  3. Ability to supervise the building custodian
  4. Must be self-motivated and have a positive attitude.
  5. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate.


Regionally competitive based on qualifications and experience.

Additional Notes

Employed on a yearly basis from July 1 to June 30. Adherence to the rules, regulations, and policies as set forth by the Board of Education pertaining to the Educational Support Staff. This is a salary exempt position.

How to Apply

Please complete the online application by clicking "apply here". Also, please send an email including your resume to mmerritt@ggs72.org.

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