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RESPONSIBILITIES: This position primarily teaches Biology, Earth Science, and Environmental Science. Maintain an orderly classroom. Serve as a valued member of a learning community. Promote and maintain an air of collegiality among all staff members. Maintain a partnership with parents for the benefit of all students. Maintain daily attendance and grade records. Demonstrate skills in computer literacy. Maintain all necessary materials to promote an environment that is conducive to learning. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Maintain communication and feedback from students in a manner that enhances students’ learning and understanding. Appropriately utilize a variety of teaching methods and resources for each area taught. Encourage the development of student involvement, responsibility, critical thinking skills, writing skills, language usage, and reading skills in the content area. Manage the classroom to ensure the best of instructional time. Create an atmosphere conducive to learning, achievement, and self-discipline. Work effectively as a member of an educational team on a school-wide and community-wide basis in developing short and long-term goals based on identified student needs. Work effectively as a team member in collecting and analyzing data systematically through an on-going process of planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating to achieve established goals. Model effective classroom management techniques and teaching strategies. Model teaching strategies that foster critical thinking skills and higher-order cognitive skills. Responsible for own professional growth through an on-going program of reading, workshops, seminars, conferences, and/or advanced coursework at institutions of higher learning. Perform other curricular and co-curricular duties as assigned. 


Must have a valid Illinois Professional Educator License with secondary endorsements in Science 9-12. Perform functions to instruct students, ensuring each individual is provided with the knowledge, proficiencies, and experiences necessary to become successful contributing citizens in a 21st-century world. Fully certified by ISBE in the required endorsement area.


Salary/Benefits: As per current teacher salary schedule (Regionally Competitive)

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