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General Duties/Expectations

The Boone Winnebago Regional Office of Education (ROE4), and all of its programs, operate with a general set of job performance expectations that ensure an efficient and effective workplace that models our mission, Advocate, Educate, and Serve. Our workplace relies on employees being: dependable, reliable, flexible, and punctual. In addition, employees must be able to problem solve, take initiative, work without supervision, have positive interpersonal relationships, and constructive communication skills. At all times, employees are expected to model a vision of service.

Specific Duties/Expectations

  1. Organize, design, and deliver professional learning opportunities to educators in Boone, Winnebago, and McHenry County via workshops, small and large groups, virtual learning, book studies, and other methods
  2. Promote best practices in Climate/Culture, Curriculum, Instruction, Leadership and Assessment
  3. Collaborate with other ROE4+ staff to coordinate services and expertise when appropriate
  4. Develop collaborative relationships with district and building level leadership
  5. Utilize needs assessments to determine the specific professional learning needs for the region
  6. Create and deliver professional learning in-districts based on contract specifications with school/district leaders
  7. Contributing member for continuous improvement process 
  8. Contributing member of the ROE Leadership Team
  9. Perform Professional Development Audits and the Technical Assistant Visits for Boone/Winnebago County Schools
  10. Collaborate with the Learning Technology Center to provide technology-related professional learning opportunities
  11. Collaborate with other professional development coordinators within the IARSS
  12. Participate on committees as appropriate
  13. Organize Administrator Academies and other professional learning opportunities for district and building level leadership
  14. Continually seek out professional learning on best practices in Climate/Culture, Curriculum, Instruction, Leadership and Assessment
  15. Maintain and complete paperwork related to professional learning activities to ensure compliance with the professional learning audit requirements
  16. Maintain and update a professional learning online resource
  17. Provide professional learning related assistance (support, answer questions, resources, referrals) to local area educators and leader
  18. Creates and publishes ROE4+'s professional learning newsletter
  19. Submit and monitor administrative applications for alternative professional credits
  20. Facilitates professional learning networks, including but not limited to curriculum, nurses, social workers/guidance counselors
  21. Creates and provides in-district professional learning opportunities that align to candidates area of expertise
  22. Other duties as assigned that fulfill the mission of the ROE4


The Regional Superintendent reserves the right to modify any qualifications to ensure the best candidate is chosen to fulfill our mission of service to students, educators, and communities.

  1. Education
    1. Bachelor’s Degree Required, Master’s Degree preferred
  2. Experience
    1. Preferred experience in education and adult learning
  3. Specific Skills 
    1. Ability to differentiate instruction to a wide range of learners;
    2. Ability to work with a team;
    3. Ability to work independently following program and ROE4 procedures;
    4. Working knowledge of educational best practices
    5. Competent use of a wide range of technology tools
  4. Certificates/Licenses
    1. Professional Educator License (PEL) is required 


$65,000-$75,000 depending on experience and education

Sick and personal days are included

88% of individual health insurance is paid by the ROE4

Additional Notes

220 day contract

How to Apply

Please email cover letter, resume, and references to Casey Veitch, Director of Professional Learning: cveitch@roe4.org

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