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  • Cleaning the facility areas:  classrooms, offices, restrooms and all other facility areas (sweeps, mops, vacuum, dust offices and classrooms and trash removal)
  • Disinfect surfaces and fixtures (desks, urinals, toilets, lavatories, partitions, trash cans etc.)
  • Maintain an inventory supplies (cleaning solutions, paper products, mops etc.)
  • Monitor facility spaces to avoid injuries and accidents to students, staff and visitors
  • Monitor facility spaces for work-place safety (halls, multipurpose rooms, lunchroom(s), restrooms etc.)
  • Perform minor cleaning of spaces, (scrubbing, wax removal, dissolving of scum, etc.)
  • Maintain the minor upkeep of equipment, furniture and fixtures (mops, vacuum, belts, scrubber pads, bags etc.)
  • Replenish facility supplies in classrooms, offices, lunchrooms, lavatories, storage room(s), (soap, paper products, trash bags etc.)
  • Monitor safety equipment and supplies (bulbs/lights, batteries, replacement signs etc.)
  • Remove damage items from spaces to a more secure location
  • Practice proper safety training measures when removing damage and dissolve items from spaces
  • Secure all facility spaces during appropriate work times
  • Respond to all requests and concerns immediately regarding the removal, setup, cleanup, to fix, to reach, to secure, etc. in facility spaces
  • Perform daily walk-through to review and examine the facility interior and exterior spaces to report any problems
  • Perform during scheduled breaks (winter, summer, etc.) the plans of cleaning and upkeep (painting, repairs, dissolvable, removals, clean out storage spaces and lockers, wax stripping and waxing floors, shampooing carpets etc.) throughout the facility spaces
  • Secure facility space(s) where damage and dissolvable items appear to prevent injuries
  • Perform emergency duties (snow-removal, salting sidewalks, remove debris and rubbish etc.) at facility spaces and outdoor areas
  • Heed to emergency policy plan to secure facility spaces (lock-downs, severe weather safety and evacuation, fire evacuation, flooding safety and evacuation etc.)


High School Diploma/GED


  • Maintain work-place confidentiality
  • Ability to respond to oral and written directives
  • Good oral and written communication skills to convey facility issues and concerns
  • Ability to work independently and within a group/team environment
  • Familiar with cleaning and debris removing equipment and mechanical parts with cleaning solutions
  • Knowledgeable to perform minor repairs, fixes and cleaning of interior and exterior spaces


Salary will be regionally competitive and based upon experience

District offers competitive fringe benefits; including life, health, dental and vision insurance

Additional Notes

Supervisor:  Principal/Supervisor of Building & Grounds
Supervise:    None

Job Summary:
Under the general supervision of the building Principal and the Supervisor  of Building & Grounds.  The primary duties of the Custodian is to routinely; clean and upkeep the school facility to ensure a clean and sanitized environment for students, staff and visitors.  This position of cleaning operations; prepare the facility for classroom activities, administrative duties and events. 

How to Apply

Application Procedure
Applicants must apply online at www.phsd144.net and upload your letter of application with resume, high school diploma (GED) or current transcripts (awarded degree), valid Illinois license, certifications, endorsements and three (3) letters of recommendation.  Internal applicants must complete transfer at the same site.  Questions should be directed to Human Resources, Administration Center, 3015 W. 163rd Street, Markham, IL  60428  Prairie - Hills Elementary School District conducts pre-employment drug tests and background checks

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