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REPORTS TO: Superintendent

  1. Students of Taft Grade School District 90
  2. All staff members of school (aides and paraprofessionals)
  3. Community agencies
  4. Parent groups
    1. Students of Taft Grade School District 90
    2. All staff members of school (aides and paraprofessionals)
    3. Community agencies
    4. Parent groups
    To provide the necessary leadership, supervision, and effective
    administrative skills toward the management of the school and to
    promote the ultimate development of each student.
    1. Comply with all administrative procedures and board policies
    2. Assist with responsibility in the day-to-day operations of the district
    3. Assume responsibility for the district when the superintendent is out of
    the building
    4. Recognize his/her primary responsibility is the improvement of
    5. Responsible for formal evaluation of school employees, in
    collaboration with the Superintendent
    6. Assist in the administration of school board policies
    7. Coordinate school wide testing programs
    8. Be responsible for all assemblies and school programs
    9. Assist in the development, revision, and evaluation of the curriculum
    10. Maintain high standards of student conduct. Be responsible for the
    enforcement of school discipline code. Assure due process for the
    rights of all students.
    11. Responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective learning
    climate in the school
    12. Responsible, in conjunction with the superintendent, for developing
    methods for implementing and evaluation students' progress toward
    the District's stated goals
    13. Responsible for facilitation effective school-community relations
    14. Keep the superintendent informed of the school's activities and
    15. Share responsibility for supervision of all indoor student functions.
    Taft Grade School District 90 Job Description
    16. Share responsibility for after school student discipline, including
    Saturday detentions, as decided by superintendent
    17. Share responsibility for attending PTA, Policy, and other meetings that
    the superintendent may require. Must attend all school sponsored
    activities that parents may attend, i.e. Concerts, dances, graduation,
    award nights, etc.
    18. In conjunction with the superintendent, develop and implement staff
    development and school improvement plans
    19. Responsible to insure that IEPs and 504 plans are being followed
    20. Assist in recommending potential District employees
    21. Must keep current with teaching strategies and techniques, i.e. attend
    workshops approved by superintendent
    22. Attend local administrative meeting or other meeting assigned by the
    23. Responsible to coordinate tutoring program, summer school, and
    remediation programs
    24. Assist in the development and implementation of program related
    25. Share responsibility for the supervision, health, and safety of all
    students on school property during the day
    26. Perform such duties that are requested or assigned by the
    superintendent or board
    27. Meets accepted standards of professional behavior
    28. Strives to implement by instruction and action the district's philosophy
    of education and instructional goals and objectives


Type 75 certification or equivalent


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