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  1. Organize, direct, and supervise the instructional program within the school, within the policy structures of the District, Administration, and State law
  2. Select appropriate instructional materials, equipment, and programs
  3. Recommend improvements and changes in the Instructional Programs, textbooks, instructional supplies and materials to the Superintendent
  4. Direct and supervise all ESEA Title programs in coordination with each other, ensuring that high quality academic assessments, accountability systems, teacher selection and training, curriculum, and best teaching practices and instructional materials are aligned with challenging state academic standards; including selection of at-risk students, written program design/implementation/evaluation, staff development, parent involvement, and fiscal planning.
  5. Assign students to classrooms, create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, guarantee that every child will have an equal opportunity for education, and inspire and motivate students to achieve to the maximum of their capabilities
  6. Direct and supervise current curriculum instruction, current curriculum planning, teacher in-service training, and the school improvement process
  7. Select all instructional materials and equipment from district approved lists
  8. Understands the ADA, IDEA, and State mandates regarding student and parent due process
  9. Prepare a report for the Superintendent on the progress of all educational programs, with emphasis on newly introduced programs
  10. Keep the Superintendent informed on all matters affecting the instructional program, with emphasis on those which will be of community interest
  11. Prepare and submit verified information on the attainments achieved in the instructional program
  12. Prepare all schedules of all activities within the building, within the structure of district policy
  13. Conduct faculty and staff meetings as necessary, or on a regularly scheduled basis
  14. Discipline students, when necessary, within the structure of district policy
  15. Requisition and disburse all instructional materials, supplies and equipment and maintain a current inventory
  16. Supervise the keeping of records required by the District and the State of Illinois
  17. Cooperate and assist in developing building and equipment needs for existing and planned programs
  18. Implement programs and services for special education students that are in compliance with state and federal regulations
  19. Make employee assignments and delegate responsibilities to the
  20. Participate in the screening of and selection of new personnel
  21. Supervise and direct all personnel within the school, as well as all supportive personnel visiting the school
  22. Encourage special studies to promote professional growth of all employees
  23. Conduct or participate in performance evaluation of all personnel and submit evaluations and recommendations to the Superintendent
  24. Represent the district to local community groups
  25. Promote a positive image of the school within the community
  26. Attend all meetings and conferences as called by the Superintendent
  27. Maintain an attitude and schedule of "ready visibility" to all students, teachers, and staff members
  28. Maintains appraisal information indicating additions, deletions, or relocation of equipment
  29. Administer district at-risk programs as they relate to this job to provide for safe working and learning conditions, providing for both physical safety and environmentally safe conditions to work in and learn
  30. Maintain security and confidentiality of records, tests, and other items relating to students and staff
  31. Provide for the safety and security of any and all students should a dangerous situation arise
  32. Follows universal precautions in accordance with OSHA standards
  33. Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent


A Master's Degree, with a major in Educational Administration

A valid State Certification to practice as a school principal

At least two years of experience as a teacher



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