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DEFINITION:                 A staff member responsible for organizing and implementing a district-wide multi-tiered system of supports to ensure students’ academic and behavioral needs are identified and supported so that students can reach their full potential.  The coordinator will work directly with students, teaching staff, administration and outside agencies to provide necessary support.



QUALIFICATIONS:        1.  Bachelor’s degree in Education, Social Work, Special Education or related field.

  1. Masters degree in Education, Counseling, Social Work or related field is preferred.
  2. Possess appropriate Professional Educator Licensure (PEL)
  3. Demonstrated Ability to communicate with students, teachers, parents, administration and community members
  4. Experience and training with effective academic and behavioral interventions including school-wide, classroom and individual student behavior intervention plans, school improvement and cultural diversity.
  5. Experience providing and coordinating staff development activities and curriculum design
  6. Experience working with district level and school based leadership teams to support school improvement decision-making
  7. Experience implementing intense student support as a behavior specialist, teacher, principal or related role in schools.
  8. At least 5 years teaching experience
  9. Other qualifications as deemed necessary.





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Coordinate a multi-tiered model of support delivery that identifies student needs, establish appropriate research based interventions and enables the efficient use of school resources.  Provides technical assistance to administrators, teachers and school-based leadership teams to facilitate implementation of a Multi-tiered System of supports (MTSS) at the school, and district levels.  Coordinate efforts between school district, families and support services to meet the needs of identified students.


Performance Responsibilities:


  • Coordinate district efforts to provide high quality instruction and interventions (academic and behavior) that are matched to student needs
  • Monitors student’s progress frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction or goals and apply student response data to make appropriate decisions.
  • Facilitate building level MTSS meetings that include continual application of a structured problem solving process that involves staff, families and support services
  • Ensures implementation of evidence-based behavioral practices as determined by MTSS team
  • Prepares, compiles academic and behavioral data and shares with appropriate personnel
  • Establish written policies, practices and implementation plans
  • Provides necessary training of MTSS policies and practice to staff
  • Establish and maintain a system of communication between students, staff and families to share areas of success, address implementation barriers and ensure on-going fidelity of MTSS implementation across the district
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.



TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  (220 days) Certified position with salary, differential and hours to be established by the Board of Education under the negotiated agreement between FSD#145 and the FEA


EVALUATION:                        Performance will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions     established by the Board of Education.




This job description has been reviewed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Bachelor’s degree in elementary or secondary education 2. Master’s Degree preferred 3. Valid Illinois Professional Educator License 4. Administrative Endorsement (Type 75) Preferred but not required 5. At least 5 years teaching experience 6. Skill, knowledge and ability to communicate effectively with a broad constituency, including parents 7. Such alternatives to the above qualifications that the Board finds appropriate and acceptable


To be determined by the Board of Education

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