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Elgin Math and Science Academy Hiring a Special Education Director

The Elgin Math and Science Academy Charter School (EMSA, www.elginmathandscience.org) opened in
August of 2018 to all students residing in the U-46 attendance area. This coming year we will serve
kindergarten through fifth grade.

EMSA is seeking a compelling, committed, and innovative Special Education Director that will help to
establish a positive learning environment that promotes Wow and Wonder while modeling and
encouraging the habits of scholarship for student self-discipline.

The successful candidate in this role will use EL Education’s Core Practices as the classrooms foundation
to ensure remarkable academic achievement, character development, and community involvement for all
students. At EMSA, students and teachers will reach their highest potential through active exploratory
learning and social responsibility in which:

Individuals of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome
Children’s natural curiosity is nurtured
Students become leaders of their own learning
Teachers and students hold high standards
Critical thinking is central to math and science
Students develop skills to be responsible individuals

An EMSA Charter Educator will:

Operate with the understanding: Diversity is a fact, Inclusion is a behavior, Equity is the outcome
Work collaboratively with all members of the learning community to build relational trust and
foster a growth mindset for all through modeling by taking professional risks, owning mistakes,
and being meta-cognitive about their own growth and revision.
Model EMSA’s habits of scholarship in word and action and effectively build a positive
classroom culture that promotes self-discipline
Assume primary responsibility for increasing student achievement (i.e. mastery of knowledge and
skills, character, and high quality work) by designing and implementing cross-curricular units of
student that integrate literacy instruction and utilize active pedagogy
Create a collaborative student-centered classroom that promotes on differentiated instruction to
increase student growth and enhance school culture
Challenge, engage, inspire and empower all students with the Wow and Wonder of EL Education
Design lesson plans that allow for flexible, uninterrupted blocks of time that foster deeper
learning, content-based literacy, project-based learning, fieldwork, and student presentations for
authentic audiences.
Engage in professional learning and implement a progressive, bold educational approach to
fostering EL Education’s Core Practices to inspire student success
Practice reflective and synthesizing professional practices to allow for a deeper understanding to
manifest for implementation with the highest levels of fidelity
Establish clear and consistent assessment and progress monitoring techniques based on evidence
to make instructional decisions to meet student’s needs and further their growth
Cultivate strong partnerships with families; all words and actions demonstrate a commitment to
inclusion, belief in all students’ capacity to succeed and a desire to create an amicably beneficial
situation for everyone
Actively engage families and the community through celebrations and critique of authentic
student work

An ideal candidate is someone who:

Has demonstrated strong time management skills
Is committed to meeting the needs of every child in a diverse population and has demonstrated
success working with low income and minority students
Believes every child can learn and reach high levels of academic achievement
Has a clear understanding of curriculum, instruction, assessment child development, and the
integration of and adherence to state standards
Has a proven ability to work as a member of a team with a commitment to his/her own learning
and professional development
Has experience designing and implementing an effective and engaging literacy curriculum
Believes children can make a significant contribution to the school, community, and the world
Understands that family involvement is integral to student success
Wants to be part of an organized, professional learning community
Is a self-starter interested in working in a fast-paced, startup environment that requires flexible

The EMSA Special Education Director is responsible for, but not limited to:

Supervising, reviewing, and coordinating all special education programming and related services
in such a manner as to maintain or improve existing services and assist in planning and
developing necessary services
Implementing suggestions and outcomes of evaluation to facilitate instruction
Assisting in the orientation of all new special education staff to policy procedures aligned with
the school philosophy
Assisting in the placement and supervision of paraprofessionals
Assisting in the hiring and coordination of special education teachers and specialists in
accordance with IEP goals
Providing technical assistance to staff (instruction, teaching methods, behavior/classroom
management, RtI, inclusion, IEP paperwork, etc.)
Responding to all special education problems and issues as they occur
Facilitating implementation of Special Education Procedures
Assisting in the professional development of staff in regards to special services and procedures

Assuming responsibility for ensuring that all children outlined in Article 14 of The School Code
of Illinois receive special education services appropriate for their needs
Assuming responsibility for insuring that all children qualifying under Section 504 receive
accommodations appropriate for their needs
Assisting in the organization and coordination of all services necessary to provide for the
screening, identification, and placement of educational and supportive services needed by such
Participating in curriculum development
Communicating with parents as it relates to the recommended program
Developing program standards, entrance/exit criteria, transition planning, etc.
Participating in pupil conferences or staffings and be responsible for placement of pupils in
appropriate Special Education programs
Coordinating all services and procedures to be compliant with Child Find activities
Reviewing/processing files to assure completeness and maintain a high degree of quality control
Performing other duties, as necessary, to provide coordination/supervision as assigned by the
principal in accordance with state and federal compliance
Remaining current in research as it applies to both subject matter and pedagogy/student
Having knowledge of appropriate modifications and accommodations to meet the needs of
students in the general education curriculum



Bachelor’s degree, three years teaching/supervisory experience and proven successful
instructional practice
Current Illinois Professional Educator License with an LBS1 certification and Special Education Director Licensure
Communication and interpersonal skills to engage in a highly collaborative school environment
Extensive knowledge of CCSS and NGSS as well as curricular implications
Extensive knowledge and experience with special education rules, regulations and the required
Ability to develop relational trust with students, families, staff, and other community stakeholders

Background in EL Education and/or project-based deeper learning with content-based literacy
STEM degree and/or professional experience
Strong technology skills
Fluent in Spanish
Expertise in working with English Language Learners
Expertise in working with low-income populations


Regionally competitive salary and benefit package.

Additional Notes

Anti-Discrimination Policy and Commitment to Diversity
EMSA seeks individuals of all backgrounds to apply for this position. We are committed to maximizing
the diversity of our organization and want to engage all those who can contribute to this effort.
EMSA provides equal employment opportunities for all applicants and employees and prohibits
discrimination with respect to the hiring or promotion of individuals, conditions of employment,
disciplinary and discharge practices, or any other aspect of employment on the basis of gender,
race, color, ethnicity, disability, or any other factor which cannot lawful be used as a basis for an
employment decision.

How to Apply

Hiring Timeline and Application Process:

We seek to hire a Special Education Director for a July, 2021 start with students arriving in August.
Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in April of 2021. To
confidentially apply, please send a Cover Letter and Resume/Curriculum Vitae to
ApplyToEMSA@gmail.com .

Beginning in August, all crew members will receive extensive professional development in EL Education
modules. Further responsibilities include active collaboration with other instructors and coaches
for curriculum design, classroom set-up, and team building as part of our opening school

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