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(In addition to those listed in 500.01, Certified Teacher, the following are the essential fundamentals to include but not limited to the following job duties.)

  1. Teaching in compliance with curricular requirements of the State and of the Board of Education of District 61.
  2. Remaining current on research, new developments and literature on education, especially elementary and/or the area of special assignment.
  3. Compliance with Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and Board-Employee Agreements at the school level.
  4. Participation on an appointive, elective, or volunteer basis in the curriculum development process at the building and district levels, as is required to periodically review all curricular areas to keep them up-to-date.
  5. Participation from time-to-time, in the development of District Policies and Administrative Regulations, on an appointive, elective, or volunteer basis.

The major instructional function of the elementary classroom teacher includes:

  • Instructional Delivery

      This includes an understanding and the ability to use the principles of learning (motivation, reinforcement, retention, transfer) and the ability to make sound judgments above the use of such instructional techniques as appropriate pacing, questioning, grouping, actively involving the students, and directly vs. indirectly instructing the students.

  • Human Skills

      This includes the ability to stimulate students, bring enthusiasm to the learning process, and provide both a concern and care for the worth and dignity of the individual.

  • Planning Skills

      This includes the ability to develop goals/objectives for content/skills based upon evaluation of student needs, aptitude, and learning styles. Provision for both individual and group learning experience is involved

  • Evaluation of Students and Programs.

      This includes the ability to construct and use diagnostic, criterion reference and student achievement tests.  Evaluation also encompasses the maintenance and interpretation of records for students, parents, administrators, and other teachers.                                      

  • Managing the Classroom

      This includes controlling and structuring the learning environment so that students adhere to rules and providing opportunities for students to acquire that self-discipline necessary in school and adult life.


1. Illinois State certificate in the teaching field qualifying the teacher to teach at the elementary level. 2. Bachelor's Degree 3. Ability to function effectively as a member of the school staff. 4. PE endorsement K-8 5. Such other requirements as the Board may establish.


Would a payroll advance up to $2500 help you settle into our community? 
Just Ask! 
See Contract on website for details regarding Wages and Retirement!  
Experienced Teachers receive Full Credit for prior experience. 
See Contract on website for Pay Rate Scales for experience!
Outstanding Health Plans that include 2 options, one of which is 100% paid by the District. 
2 tier Dental Insurance Options 
Paid Life Insurance and More!   

First year Teachers    (BA) for 22-23 start at $48,901 including Pension Contributions 

                                  (MA) for 22-23 start at $47,000 including Pension Contributions
5 years experience    (BA) for 22-23 start at $52,087 including Pension Contributions 
                                  (MA) for 22-23 start at $59,340 including Pension Contributions 
10 years experience (BA) for 22-23 start at $56,071 including Pension Contributions
                                  (MA) for 22-23 start at $64,934 including Pension Contributions
We offer 100% reciprocity for experience in other districts.   Complete Salary Schedule available on the website.


Additional Notes

Talent Acquisition Event in Person or Virtual

Meet the DPS 61 Administration team at the Table!

July 21 Thursday 1-4 PM. Eisenhower High School.


About Decatur Public School District
101 West Cerro Gordo Street, Decatur, Illinois 62523, United States
Our buildings consist of one pre-kindergarten/early learning center, ten K-6 elementary schools, four K-8 schools, one middle school, two high schools, and a K-12 alternative education program as well as a social-emotional alternative program. Three of our facilities are magnet schools, including a Pre-K to 8th-grade Montessori school. Families have the option to apply to schools of choice: STEM Academy, a candidate International Baccalaureate school, and a fine arts program. The District is also the administrative agent for the Macon-Piatt Special Education District. We are an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants for all positions equally without regard to race, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Because our goal is to match your qualifications with an available position within our District, please answer the application as accurately and thoroughly as possible. 

How to Apply


How to Apply Positions are posted per the Decatur Education Association collective bargaining agreement for specified period of time and then closed during a review/interviewing period. If a viable candidate is not selected, the positions repost. 
If you don't immediately identify the position you are seeking, I encourage you to reach out to me directly at recruit@dps61.org as well as continue monitoring the job posting board regularly and apply to all positions for which you qualify. For broadest exposure apply in vacancy pools as well.   
I look forward to receiving your application and sharing it with the key players who are looking to bring on new teachers for Spring 22 and Fall 22.
Decatur Public Schools is an equal employment opportunity employer
with an affirmative action plan.
To officially apply, you must complete an application
For more information inquire at:  recruit@dps61.org


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