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1. Actively support the mission of the school and district.
2. Utilize conscious engagement regarding equity, diversity and inclusion.
3. Represent the Harlem Consolidated School District in a professional manner.

1. Handle referrals by staff members of individual students who have significant interpersonal or social emotional problems interfering with their normal learning activities.
2. Gather student information in the form of social developmental histories and adaptive behavior
assessments required for special education case studies, services, and other intervention educational
3. Perform casework service with parents to increase the parents' understanding and participation in
resolving their child's deficits and their knowledge and use of available resources.
4. Prepare and submit required reports for case study evaluations and individualized Education Programs
in a timely manner.
5. Conduct individual, group, or facilitative therapy for students having significant social-emotional
problems and also offer short-term counseling to parents of such students as necessary,
6. Promote self-awareness in children, parents, and staff.
7. Serve as a liaison between the school, community and other community agencies.
8. Provide crisis intervention for students, parents, and/or staff.
9. Participate as a required member of each building’s diagnostic and Multi-Disciplinary Team.
10. Assist in the planning and/or provision of staff and parent in-service training.
11. Required to be crisis prevention and intervention (CPI) trained and certified as determined by District
requirements and must serve as a member on their assigned school’s crisis team.
12. Keep current with best practices and requirements as they relate to your job assignment.
13. Perform such other job related duties and assume such other professional responsibilities as your
supervisor may from time to time assign or delegate.

The mission of the Harlem Consolidated School District, as a vital part of the community, is to help diverse
learners realize their unlimited potential by providing an educational program dedicated to academic excellence
and the development of strong character in a safe and respectful learning environment.


1. MSW Degree
2. Valid Illinois Professional Educator License and School Social Worker Endorsement
3. Teaching experience is preferred, but not required



Medical/Dental Insurance

Vision Plan

Flexible Spending Account

Voluntary Life Insurance

Wellness Plan

403(b) Voluntary Retirement Contribution available



How to Apply

Please go to www.harlem122.org and click on 'Employment'. Start an application as an external applicant.

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