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Under the direction of the building Director, the Special Education Teacher designs curriculum and instructional practices that embrace Competency-Based Learning and the Circle of Courage.  S/he will evaluate and assess student progress against instructional objectives and function as an IEP case manager for assigned students.  In this position, the Special Education Teacher will utilize Life Space Crisis Intervention and the Circle of Courage for social-emotional behavior support within the learning environment.  Academics are based on Competency-Based learning practices to design individual learning pathways for students. 

This program is housed outside of the home districts in an alternative site under the direction of the Leyden Area Special Education Cooperative.  All students within the program are in high school (9th-12th grade) or Middle School (6th-8th grade) and need more support than is available in their home districts due to their severe emotional needs.  The Special Education Teachers in this program embrace a unique learning environment for students that is highly specialized.  The ideal candidate uses creative solutions and thinks outside the traditional curricula and methods available in a high school/middle school setting.    

Essential Functions of the job may include but are not limited to the following: 

  •  Using a Competency-Based instructional design, develop and provide specialized instruction to address the instructional goals and objectives contained in the student’s IEP while addressing credits needed for high school/middle school graduation.
  • Incorporate and embed the Circle of Courage and Life Space Crisis model into social-emotional learning for all students.  
  • Collaborate and consult with the team to develop individualized learning pathways for all students. 
  • Monitor students’ academic success to ensure they are on a trajectory to satisfy high school/middle school graduation requirements.  
  • Create a positive learning experience with emphasis on individualized instruction using creative venues for student learning (technology, volunteer experiences, work-study programs, internships, community partnerships). 
  • Serve as a contact for families to access support within the program. 
  • Complete all necessary components of mandated special education paperwork for IEP’s and reevaluations. 
  • Design units of study that are aligned with Competency-Based practices.
  • Maintain positive culture within learning spaces using positive behavioral practices founded in the Circle of Courage and Life Space Crisis model.
  • Employ and implement a structure for teaching students that encourages student responsibility, cooperation, and mutual respect. 
  • Understands classroom management theories and methods.  Data collection procedures for individual behavioral management, crisis prevention, intervention, and de-escalation techniques.  Balance/incorporate social-emotional learning with academic competency-based instructional design.
  • Create unique individualized learning spaces that promote a cognitively busy place for students.  This is characterized by a shared belief in the importance of learning and establishes high expectations for students’ personal achievement.     
  • Chooses and implements instructional techniques and strategies that promote successful transitions for individuals with disabilities.  Creates varied options for all students to use effective written, verbal, nonverbal, and visual communication. 
  • Understands assessment as an educational process.  Utilize assessment (formal and informal) to determine student competencies and instructional competency-based activities for individual students. 


Knowledge Skills and Ability Required: 

  • Minimum B.A. degree in special education from an accredited institution.
  • Current Illinois Special Education Teaching credential.
  • Knowledge of the principles, practices, and procedures of special education and specialty area (Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities). 
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and methodology of effective teaching is students with disabilities. 
  • Understands the Common Core Standards and prepares effective instructional strategies and resources for teaching the scope and sequence in the academic, social and vocational domains. 
  • Ability to deliver and articulate oral presentations and written reports. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with children, students, parents, staff, administration and the general public.  
  • Perform all other related work delegated tasks and/or required to accomplish the objectives of the total school program.
  • Knowledge of relevant technology including the use of technology to individualize instruction. 
  • Meet professional teacher education requirements of the school, district, and state. 
  • Knowledge and skills in working with children with behavioral and emotional disabilities.   
  • Must have the ability and proven ability to work on a regular and punctual basis.
  • Understands and effectively utilizes computerized web-based systems for documentation procedures/communication, goal development, and modification. Progress monitoring, performance assessment, accommodations/modifications, program supports, and overall IEP information. 
  • Flexible thinker and willingness to create an optimal learning environment for students with social-emotional needs.

 Physical Requirements:  

Regularly required to sit, stand, walk, talk, hear, operate a computer and other office equipment, reach with hands and arms, and must occasionally lift, move and/or support up to 50 pounds.  Position can require some degree of interaction with students who have difficulty controlling their emotions.  


Competitive Salary and excellent benefits are available (medical, dental, and TRS retirement).  

How to Apply

Please apply on the Leyden Area Special Education Cooperative website.  The website is: https://www.lasecfp.org/ 

In the website, go to Employment Opportunities and apply for the Special Education Teacher position.  

Direct questions to Kevin M. Wolf, Director



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