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    • Accurate and timely student data
    • Special education records maintenance
    • Referrals, case studies, IEP’s and parent notification and information regarding the rights of children receiving special education services
  • Provide professional leadership in organizing, administering, supervising and evaluating effective delivery of Special Education services through:
    1. Collaboration with staff regarding curriculum, instructional and behavioral accommodations for the regular classroom
    2. Ensuring adequate and effective planning time for effective collaboration activities
    3. Working with students in the classroom to model effective teaching techniques and to gain accurate information on the needs of the students and teachers
    4. Continually monitoring the service delivery model to ensure effective accomplishment of IEP goals within the least restrictive and most inclusive setting
  • Monitor all Special Education Programs and Services - including planning, design, monitoring, and ongoing evaluation - for the purpose of ensuring the implementation and progress toward achieving successful student programming in the least restrictive and most inclusive environment.
  • Monitor all aspects of the IEP process including case study evaluations, re-evaluations, eligibility determination, IEP development and dismissal to ensure team decisions are based on student need and relevant, current and accurate student data
  • Work closely with the Coordinator for Student Services to oversee the Early Childhood Programing-including planning, design, monitoring, and ongoing evaluation in conjunction with the Coordinator of Student Services and  LADSE - for the purpose of ensuring the implementation and progress toward achieving successful student programming in the least restrictive and most inclusive environment.  
  • Work closely with the Coordinator for Student Services to oversee paraprofessional staff and ensure professional development is designed to meet their needs and interests 
  • Problem solve with individual providers, teams and building level administrators to ensure quality programming
  • Communicate, interact and work effectively and cooperatively with building administrators, staff, and parents
  • Develop and implement extensive long-range in-service and staff development plan to meet the needs of staff and students within the least restrictive and most inclusive environment
  • Oversee the training of related staff for the purpose of assuring well-trained personnel
  • Communicate information on programs, services, and regulations to parents, Board, staff, and other districts for the purpose of shared understanding
  • Facilitate communication and a meaningful partnership with parents regarding:
    1. IEP goals and individualized service delivery plans for each student
    2. Student rights under special education rules and regulations
    3. District 105 special education policies and procedures
    4. Student progress
    5. Appropriate accommodations and modifications to meet student needs in the least restrictive and most inclusive environment
  • Inform the Superintendent and Board of Education of:
    1. Student numbers and needs
    2. Staffing patterns and priorities
    3. Program operations and service delivery models
    4. Program and staffing recommendations
  • Communicate and collaborate with special education and related services staff regarding:
    1. Rules and regulations
    2. Changes in rules and regulations
    3. Curriculum and curriculum modifications
    4. Student assessment and measurement of student progress
    5. Behavior management strategies
  • Develop and monitor the annual Special Education budget
  • Ensure that federal and state laws and regulations in the area of special education  are observed and prepare and submit documentation of compliance
  • Serve as the La Grange Area District of Special Education liaison regarding:
    1. Special education rules & regulations
    2. Conflict resolution/due process
    3. Communication/cooperation between LADSE and LADSE member districts
    4. Maintaining a broad range of student placement options with an emphasis on inclusive practices
    5. Facilitating special education billing, funding, and appropriate reporting to state and federal agencies
  • Coordinate services with parochial schools, within district boundaries, regarding proportionate share
  • Coordinate with outside agencies to provide services to students, for the purpose of offering appropriate services and monitoring student placement
  • Prepare documentation and report data to the Illinois State Board of Education and Federal Government for the purpose of providing written support, conveying information, and complying with Federal and State regulations 
  • Complete and monitor state and federal grants related to special education 
  • Serve as a member of the Administration team
  • Serve as the McKinney Vento coordinator
  • Provide leadership  in organizing and implementing remedial programming for the purpose of ensuring compliance with regulations and meeting the needs of all learners
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Superintendent


  1. Communicate and collaborate effectively with others.
  2. Ensure confidentiality of sensitive information.
  3. Maintain a record of dependability as evidenced by consistent attendance, punctuality and attention to work.
  4. Understand and adapt to a variety of situations.
  5. Maintain and exhibit general and personal safety practices.
  6. Maintain stakeholder satisfaction.
  7. Work independently and exercise good judgment.
  8. Assume personal responsibility for professional performance and growth.
  9. Utilize effective problem solving processes.
  10. Exhibit professionalism in appearance and demeanor. 
  11. Read, understand and follow verbal and written directions.
  12. Utilize applicable technology to support performance responsibilities.



1. Special Education teaching and supervisory experience

2. Illinois PEL Illinois PEL with Type 75 Administrative Endorsement (or equivalent license)

3. Director of Special Education Endorsement PREFERRED

4. Master’s Degree in related area

5. Successful completion of Illinois Qualified Evaluator Training.


La Grange School District 105 will pay a regionally competitive salary commensurate with training and experience. District 105 offers a comprehensive benefit package

Additional Notes

La Grange School District 105 serves approximately 1,300 students from the communities of Countryside, Hodgkins, and La Grange in four elementary schools and one middle school. It is widely recognized for high academic achievement and open and trusting relationships among all stakeholder groups. District 105 is committed to providing an inclusive special education program, small class sizes, neighborhood schools, professional training and support, a full range of student-centered educational programs, opportunities for parent and community partnerships, and state of the art school facilities. The district enjoys a healthy and stable financial condition which includes the highest financial rating from the State of Illinois.

How to Apply

Application Process:

Interested candidates should complete the on-line application at www.d105.net.

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