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To support the process of education through improving the physical and mental health of students and staff; and to provide the fullest possible educational opportunity for each district student by minimizing absence due to illness and creating a climate of health and well-being in the district schools.


  1. Assessing the health status of students and providing health counseling for students, parents, and school staff; this will include, but not be limited to, treatment within the scope of professional nursing practice, evaluation and management of communicable diseases and screening for deficits in vision, hearing, growth and development, immunization status and other physical defects as warranted;
  2. Collecting and analyzing health-related data (e.g. immunization records, medical records, and incidence of specific diseases) and making recommendations based upon the data;
  3. Recommending modification of the school programs for a student who requires a change because of a health deficit and developing health care plans when students need special physical health care procedures to be provided at school;
  4. Participating in the identification, evaluation, and placement of students into special education and “504” programs, e.g. as a refining agent, a consultant for parents, teachers, etc., and/or as a member of a multidisciplinary team pursuant to the provisions of 23lll. Adm. Code 226 (Special Education); and/or as a member of the Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) team.
  5. Administering and monitoring medications and treatments given in school (subject to district policy regarding the administration of medication at school);
  6. Supervising and determining the duties and performance of the health aide who functions as unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) under the direction of the school nurse.
  7. Maintaining accurate school health records in accord with the Illinois School Student Records Act and enforcing health-related mandates as listed in the Illinois School Code; (enforcing compliance with mandated physical health records is a priority, but must be addressed after meeting the immediate physical / health needs of the students).
  8. Providing crisis intervention for students and/or staff in the event of sudden illness or injury;
  9. Acting as a liaison between the home, school, community health agencies, and the private medical sector;
  10. Participating in district-wide and building committees that address health issues and,/or student concerns, i.e. safety committee (accident prevention).
  11. Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Principal and other central office administrators as designed by the Superintendent.



PEL with school nurse endorsement.

Minimally, a bachelor's degree and a valid state of Illinois License, in good
standing to practice as a registered professional nurse;
Successful completion of a state of Illinois School Nurse Certification program
including an internship.


Per negotiated LEA contract.

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