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Cabinet Level Position - 12 months

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides leadership for the design and implementation of curricula and learning systems that support the learning goals of the SASED programs.  
  2. Collaborates with program administrators and coordinators to establish and assess student learning outcomes.
  3. Provides leadership for the evaluation of SASED programs and the design of program improvement plans.
  4. Provides leadership for the SASED Transition Program and linkage with the Technology Center of DuPage, DuPage Area Occupational System, Illinois Department of Rehabilitation, and other resources.
  5. Provides leadership for the utilization of data related to student learning and implications for improving student achievement.
    • Coordinates the collection, analysis, and utilization of SASED/local assessment data.
    • Coordinates the collection, analysis, and utilization of state assessment data.
  6. Provides leadership for coordination and articulation of SASED programs for students with disabilities from age 3-22.
  7. Provides leadership for needs assessment and development of new programs and services.
  8. Provides leadership for activities and processes that support student learning, including approval of new or modified curricula, adoption of education materials, and approval of curriculum projects.
  9. Collaborates with the Director of Human Resources to develop and implement staff development programs that align with student learning and behavioral goals.
  10. Collaborates with program administrators and coordinators to ensure that classrooms and building facilities are in place for each school year.
  11. Secures classrooms for ESY.
  12. Supervises the development and implementation of all grant proposals related to student learning.  Provides leadership for securing competitive grants related to student learning.
  13. Monitors the development, implementation and revision of Board of Control policies and Administrative Procedures related to programs, students, and learning.
  14. Monitors compliance of programs and services with state and federal regulations.
  15. Provides leadership in examining policies and procedures for student participation in SASED programs.
  16. Provides leadership for special projects as requested by the Executive Director.
  17. Serves as Coordinator for DuPage/West Cook Oversight Committee.
  18. Serves as an executive cabinet team member by actively participating in and contributing to the leadership team meetings and initiatives.
  19. Attends all regular and special meetings of the Board of Control and executive or work sessions. Prepares reports for the Board of Control as needed.
  20. Administers Board policies and administrative procedures related to Special Education.
  21. Supervises, directs and evaluates the work of the Program Administrators including staffing pattern decisions for licensed, educational support and registered staff.
  22. In collaboration with the leadership team, oversees Medicaid Billing and Compliance
  23. In collaboration with the leadership team, oversees the completion and maintenance of special education reports and records in compliance with state and federal regulations and SASED policy (I-STAR).
  24. Facilitates the parent advisory committee.
  25. Develops and supports networking opportunities and professional learning for area special education administrators.



Master's Degree - ISBE PEL with administrative endorsement, Director of Special Education


Regionally competitive and comprehensive benefit package.

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