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POSITION GOAL:   Oversees all academics, operations, schedules and staff for improved academic and social emotional well-being of students and community.


  • Uses the arts (drama, dance, music, visual arts) to enhance student learning in core subject areas and in alignment with state learning standards
  • Communicates with district personnel to understand shared goals that ultimately enhance student learning
  • Supervises group leaders and manages small group schedules
  • Maintains a learning environment that is welcoming and positive
  • Establishes with parents and staff behavioral expectations of students
  • Maintains accurate attendance and student home contact information – provides reports as necessary
  • Collects all required data
  • Monitors transportation of students
  • Selects appropriate materials and supplies for planned activities
  • Assists with the application and registration process
  • Communicates weekly with project director, innovation officer, principals and other program staff
  • Maintains calendar of program activities
  • Assigns students to appropriate grade level groups
  • Attends professional development as required
  • Supports students group during the day
  • Observes and gives feedback

KNOWLEDGE AND CRITICAL SKILLS:  Knowledge of arts and arts integration. Embraces the philosophy of shared leadership. (Cleared by DCFS)

EXPERIENCE:   Must have an associate’s degree, teacher certification is preferred.  Experience in working with students, teachers and community partners.  Skills in scheduling and coordination of activities.

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