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Strive to eliminate the barriers that interfere with the student’s ability to learn by providing appropriate in-school service, (short-term counseling, crisis intervention, group work, teacher consultation/in-services and

student support groups), and/or linking them and their families to appropriate community resources. This is

based upon the social work value that each person is entitled to the right of an equal educational



Performance Responsibilities:

  • Preparing Social Developmental Histories as part of a full case study for special education


  • Small group sessions with student covering various topics, for example, self-esteem, drug and

              alcohol awareness and peer relations;

  • Working with community services for the purpose of program development or referral for


  • Providing teacher consultation and teacher in-service in order to assist teachers with the needs of

              special student groups, i.e., students experiencing behavior difficulties; students with Attention

              Deficit Disorder;

  • The Social Worker is a member of the special services team as assigned by the School District’s

              Administration. This may include such things as the student services team, drug prevention

              committee, and youth services committee;

  • Other duties may be assigned by the School Administration when necessary.



Certificate, license, or other legal credential required.

Degree(s) required in area of major study.

Kind and amount of prior job experience required.

Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


To be determined by the Board of Education 

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