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  1. Direct supervision of all school food service employees; providing leadership, and promoting safety, efficiency and an effective work/learning environment.
  2. Carry out school food service program regulations, policies, and procedures.
  3. Relate school food service programs, through public relations, to school and                   non-school groups.
  4. Manage food production processes.


  1. Develop food and supply purchase specifications as well as bidding procedures and purchase these items at best cost and quality.


  1. Coordinate, and evaluate the work of all food service employees.


  1. Plan menus to meet nutritional and financial objectives in accordance with state guidelines.


  1. Consult with school administration to develop policies, objectives, and                  procedures for operating school food service programs in all schools.


  1. Compile annual budget needs and provide monthly financial information to      the Board of Education.


  1. Prepare all required reports and correspondence.


  1. Purchase all food, equipment, and supplies according to district policies.


  1. Maintain inventory over all food, supplies, and equipment.


  1. Consult, interview, select, and assign school food service employees.


  1. Present reports, general information, and otherwise discuss school food service programs at school board, faculty, public, and other meetings.


  1. Correspond with building secretaries and technology coordinator to insure proper

  completion of all Free/Reduced meal applications.


  1. Coordinate nursing staff and building food service staff in addressing the needs of students with health conditions that necessitate dietary modification.


  1. Anticipate and prepare Food Service Staff for fire, health and safety inspections.


  1. Perform other duties as assigned by the superintendent.


Licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health in Food Service Sanitation


$23.00 hourly

How to Apply

Only online applications accepted.  Go to www.rccu1.net, click on Employment Opportunities.

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