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1. Attend district in-services and professional development opportunities in order to implement new strategies for curriculum and instructional improvement 2. Employ creative methods of instruction and utilize a variety of materials within the structure of the designated curriculum 3. Design and organize lessons to provide every student maximum opportunities to participate and be successful 4. Modify lessons in an effort to provide students with choices and variety based on academic and/or physical skill levels 5. Promote healthy living by providing visuals that may include posters, bulletin boards, pictures, data, classroom expectations and procedures 6. Provide students with specific, constructive and positive feedback; actively pursue interaction with students to guide learning; and model/encourage the benefits of a healthy lifestyle 7. Design lessons to allow for the use of technology 8. Teach students how to monitor effort and exercise intensity 9. Conduct physical fitness testing using FitnessGram and use the data collected to guide instruction 10. Implement and maintain school-wide efforts using Enhanced Physical Education methods


1. Valid Illinois Professional Educator’s License with secondary endorsement in Physical Education


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