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Special Education Teacher

Reports to: Building Principal

Job Goal: To provide an effective classroom learning environment designed to meet the needs of special education students and ensure that the provisions of the student’s Individualized Education Plan are implemented successfully.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Plan and develop a course of study that is aligned with each assigned special education student’s Individualized Education Plan and is consistent with curriculum guidelines of the school district and the state.
  2. Develop lesson plans in support of each special education student that include a variety of strategies to encourage student engagement.
  3. Implement co-teaching strategies to meet the individual needs of students when appropriate.
  4. Assist regular education teachers in making classroom accommodations to meet the learning needs of special education students.
  5. Assess student learning as prescribed in the student’s Individualized Education Plan.
  6. Communicate information related to student progress to parents on a regular basis.
  7. Collaborate with other staff members in the planning for Individualized Education Plan meetings. 
  8. Administer standardized tests in accordance with accepted protocol and state regulations.
  9. Maintain an environment that is conducive to learning and administer discipline, if needed, that is consistent with student Individualized Education Plans and district policies.
  10. Maintain accurate records of student performance and communicate student progress to parents/guardians as required by the school or whenever such communication is needed.
  11. Conduct parent-teacher conferences during regularly scheduled times and at other times when necessary.
  12. Collaborate with other professionals to meet the social and emotional needs of students.
  13. Utilize the Response to Intervention strategies developed by the district to address the unique learning needs of students.
  14. Participate in faculty meetings, committee meetings, educational conferences, and other professional development activities to ensure best practices are utilized in the classroom.


1.   Bachelor’s Degree with sufficient credits to be certified by the Illinois State Board of Education to teach assigned special education students/ ESL Endorsement
        Certification Encouraged
2.   Continued professional development as required by district policy and State regulations
3. Strong organizational skills
4. Ability to work well with students, parents, and staff


Per negotiated contract

How to Apply

Interested applicants are requested to complete the online application.  Applications should include a cover letter, IEIN number, resume, a print of ELIS PEL page and up to 3 recent professional reference letters and contact information.    Contact Eve Phillips, K-8 Principal regarding interest in the position: ephillips@2paws.net.

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