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The art teacher is responsible for developing lesson plans and delivering engaging, differentiated instruction that is aligned with the curriculum. The art teacher must possess skills in various art genres and with numerous materials in order to teach a range of art styles. This includes using two and three-dimensional medial, digital tools (such as iPads and image editing software), and a variety of techniques, and processes to depict works of art from personal experiences, observation, or imagination that could also relate to content area project-based learning activities. Teacher must have knowledge of art history and an understanding of abstract concepts. Teachers also must be able to spot and cultivate talent and help all students discover their creativity. The art teacher closely collaborates with other teachers, professional staff, and administrators in addressing a variety of instructional, and/or classroom issues. The art teacher communicates with students and parents/guardians regarding the instructional program and student academic progress. The art teacher is responsible for creating and environment of respect and rapport and establishing a culture for learning in which safety and order is the norm.


Certificate, license, or other legal credential required. • Degree(s) required in area of major study. • Kind and amount of prior job experience required. • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


Placement on a regionally competitive salary schedule

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