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Job Title:

Deputy Director for Professional Development

District Name: Illinois Principals Association
Address: 2940 Baker Drive
Springfield, IL   62703
Phone Number: (217)525-1383
Fax Number: (217)525-7264

Region: Abe Lincoln
County: Sangamon
Type of Employment: Full-time permanent
Job Category: Agency/Association
Grade Level: Other

Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits package will include single health and 401(k) retirement plan. This is a non-TRS eligible position.


Administrator Academies

  • Develops, implements, and manages cutting edge, relevant and cost-effective professional development programs for educational leaders, incorporating the principles of adult learning and curriculum design
  • Oversees the scheduling of face-to-face, district and online learning and ensures that it occurs timely and accurately
  • Oversees creation of a variety of eLearning and web-based training, both asynchronous and synchronous, using appropriate content development tools
  • Cultivates and maintains relationships with presenters
  • Develops and maintains systems for presenter performance online and face-to-face
  • Works with IPA Field Coordinators to ensure quality workshop delivery
  • Works with school districts and other organizations/agencies to develop needed professional development
  • Ensures alignment of workshops with all Association professional development
  • Manages methods to collect data for administrator academies and professional development hours online and face-to-face
  • Aligns all workshops with the School Leader Paradigm

    Fall & Summer Conferences

  • Works with IPA Fall Conference Coordinators to schedule general session speakers for Fall and Summer Conferences
  • Coordinates small group sessions for Fall and Summer Conferences
  • Ensures alignment of conference professional development with all Association professional development and the School Leader Paradigm
  • Oversees all details for Fall and Summer Conferences with Conference Coordinators
  • Manages method to provide PD Hours

    Mentoring Program

  • Ensures alignment with all Association professional development and the School Leader Paradigm
  • Develops New Leaders Webinar Series program
  • Develops New Leaders Symposium

    Ed Leaders Network

  • Oversees the development of content for the Ed Leaders Network


  • Stays informed on new developments, methods, and techniques in the eLearning field and training in general
  • Monitors and evaluates training programs to ensure they are current and effective
  • Communicates current and accurate status of professional development efforts to PD teams and all levels of management
  • Oversees IPA professional development budget
  • Oversees the development of the School Leader Continuum
  • Explores use of technology to deliver professional development
  • Writes grants and develops partnerships
  • Completes yearly assessment of members’ professional development needs
  • Completes quarterly board reports
  • Completes annual report to board which includes overall evaluation of IPA professional development and budget outcomes
  • Qualifications:

  • Minimum of a Masters Degree in Education
  • Five years experience as an educational leader strongly preferred
  • Strong project management skills, ability to successfully multi-task, set priorities, be self-directed to meet timelines, manage, establish and cost project and staffing operations
  • Extensive knowledge of best practices in online professional development design
  • Extensive knowledge of state and national educational leadership standards and initiatives
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills to manage personnel, consultants, and resources to maximize delivery of high-quality professional development experiences of educational leaders
  • Knowledge of learning management systems, organizational development strategies, and evaluation tools
  • Proficient with multiple software applications: Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and e-learning development tools
  • Highly motivated, eager to make a difference in the learning process
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Ability to guide own leadership behavior and learning
  • Align team members around IPA’s organizational strategies and values
  • Ability to develop and communicate a vision of where the professional development department is going long term
  • Ability to maintain schedules and deadlines and work in a harmonious manner with others.
  • Ability to promote teamwork and collaboration
  • Ability to coach and develop others around you
  • Ability to make well-considered decisions and take action
  • Additional Notes:

    The IPA Deputy Director for Professional Development coordinates and oversees all parts of the Association’s professional development program. This key visionary role will strive to elevate the personal and professional growth of educational leaders through cutting edge, high quality professional development.

    School/District Link: http://www.ilprincipals.org

    Job Posting Date: 1/25/2017
    Application Deadline: 3/1/2017
    Start Date: 7/1/2017

    How to Apply:

    Mail or email the following to: Jason Leahy (jason@ilprincipals.org), Executive Director, Illinois Principals Association, 2940 Baker Drive, Springfield, IL 62703:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • Three reference letters
  • Exemplar power point presentation detailing one attribute (i.e. Ethical, Empathy, Diagnostic, etc.) of the School Leader Paradigm. Include applicable definition, research, application, and learning activities if presented.

  • Email for More Information: jason@ilprincipals.org

    Looking to hire?Employers »

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