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Job Title:

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

District Name: Anna Jonesboro Comm #81
Address: 608 S. Main St.
Anna, IL   62906
Phone Number: (618)833-8421
Fax Number: (618)833-4239

Region: Shawnee
County: Union
Type of Employment: Full-time permanent
Job Category: Curriculum Director
Grade Level: Secondary
Salary/Benefits: Regionally competitive and based on past experience and education
Duties: • Develop positive school/community relations and act as liaison between the school and community; communicate effectively both orally and in writing with parents, students, teachers, and the community • Develop, implement, and assess the instructional programs at the assigned school and coordinate with the Superintendent in program planning • Assist Superintendent with the development and implementation of federal and state aid programs including but not limited to Title I, Title IIA and Rural and Low Income Grant • Coordinate the development, implementation and evaluation of the District improvement plan • Supervise the administration and analysis of all state and local testing programs within the district, including the creation of an annual district-wide assessment calendar • Report periodically to the Board on all curriculum, instruction and assessment matters and all technology issues as directed by the Superintendent • Make recommendations pertaining to policy and procedure to the Superintendent • Coordinate and supervise the Instructional Support program, including the Response to Intervention (RTI) system • Represent the school district in meetings and conferences related to curriculum and instruction, assessment and technology • Assist building principal in interviewing and selecting qualified personnel to be recommended for employment • Coordinate the development and implementation of the district’s technology plan • With the assistance of the technology coordinator, maintain an inventory of all district technology hardware and software and a long-range technology replacement plan • Provide leadership and direction for the development, revision and continuous improvement of district technology systems • Plan and coordinate the budget process for acquisition of district hardware, software and other technology-related expenditures • Plan, coordinate and communicate technology-related management systems and policies • Support all aspects of district instructional and curricular integration of technology • Coordinate the Teacher Mentoring Program and district orientation programs and activities for new teachers • Participate in the supervision process of beginning teachers through classroom observations and conferences • Assist building principal with the supervision and evaluation of teachers, conducting both formal and informal observations, according to the teacher evaluation plan • Supervise and evaluate district technology staff • Assist in the supervision of extracurricular activities and attend school-related activities and events • Serve on district-wide committees as needed • Counsel with principal, guidance counselor and teachers on matters of district-wide concerns in order to help them improve their effectiveness • Communicate with Superintendent to keep him/her informed of impending problems or events of unusual nature • Implement School Board policy, state statutes, and federal regulations as they pertain to the school • Supervise and monitor the accurate and timely completion of data collection and reporting requirements • Assist principal and guidance counselor in the development of the master schedule and the assigning of teachers according to identified needs • Provide appropriate professional development opportunities for staff • Communicates high standards for teaching and learning and models high expectations • Ensures content alignment with established state standards; monitors lesson plans • Conduct oneself as a positive role model • Improve leadership skills through professional development activities and disseminate that knowledge to other professionals • Performs related duties as assigned by the superintendent in accordance with the school policies and practices
Qualifications: Master's degree or higher. Illinois Type 75 General Administrative Certificate or Principal's Endorsement. Previous teaching experience at the secondary level, preferably at least 5 years. Past administrative experience would be helpful.
Additional Notes: Start date for this position is the 2017-2018 school year.

School/District Link: http://www.aj81.net

Job Posting Date: 1/10/2017
Application Deadline: 2/10/2017

How to Apply: Please send letter of interest, resume and credentials, along with a completed employment application (found on district website at www.aj81.net - see link below) to: Anna-Jonesboro CHSD #81, Attn: Rob Wright, Supt., 608 S. Main St., Anna, IL 62906
Email for More Information: rwright@aj81.net

Looking to hire?Employers »

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