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HS Math Teacher, Blended School – Chicago Virtual Charter School

District Name: Chicago Virtual Charter School
Address: 38 S. Peoria
Chicago, IL   60607
Phone Number: (312)267-4486
Fax Number: (877)257-4609

Region: Cook North
County: Cook
Type of Employment: Full-time temporary
Job Category: Math
Grade Level: Secondary
Salary/Benefits: Salary and Benefits are based on experience and education.
Duties: Chicago Virtual Charter School Teachers are part of a national pioneering effort in public education. Our Teachers should, therefore, share the school's entrepreneurial spirit and passion to provide students with a world-class educational program that blends virtual with face-to-face instruction. Teaching in a hybrid virtual charter school requires a strong educational background and a firm commitment to our innovative model. Teachers will be expected to carry out the school’s mission and vision and play an active role in pioneering what makes up virtual hybrid instruction. Teachers will be trained to use a variety of virtual tools to engage students working in the curriculum and apply various teaching techniques traditional to many classrooms. As part of their regular teaching responsibilities, teachers are expected to fulfill duties in the following areas: Instruction Know the K12 curriculum in its entirety for assigned subject Prepare to teach students virtually and face-to-face and deliver instruction using differentiated methods to meet the needs of all students Demonstrate knowledge of state standards and testing requirements Research and create lessons that complement/supplement the K12 curriculum Assess students for mastery and validate student learning Prepare students for standardized tests and assist with testing using other benchmark tests Co-teach/collaborate with teachers, special education teachers, and paraprofessionals Plan interventions, accommodations, and modifications to the curriculum as necessary Provide students and families a frequent report on the instructional goals that were met Use data (quantitative and qualitative) to make instructional decisions including grouping, delivery, time/schedule and administering appropriate assessments Student Achievement Communicate regularly with Learning Coaches, parents, and students about student performance, progress, and academic expectations – regular intervals based on student performance (i.e. weekly, mid-quarter, quarterly) Maintain appropriate levels of communication with special education concerning the students with disabilities Use escalation and/or intervention processes to insure student success Professional Expectations Participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings and professional development workshops (virtual and face-to-face) Participate in K12 teacher training initiatives to improve virtual instruction Participate in ongoing professional development Monitor and problem solve daily for the student Participate in school committee(s) Other duties as listed within the school’s job description and/or assigned by the Head of School or designee Individuals should possess the following characteristics: Flexible Open-minded Dedicated Innovative Reflective Collaborative Communicative Timely Professional Weekly Expectations: Teach at the Learning Center (LC) two days a week Teach on Class Connect on “virtual days” Plan appropriate lessons for instruction on Class Connect and at the Learning Center Host office hours for homeroom parents/students Check and respond to email, k-mail, and phone calls within 1 business day Send newsletter contents and/or announcements to families, the Learning Coach Coordinator, or post to website Attend weekly staff meetings and other required meetings as assigned Check and monitor Online School (OLS) progress for assigned students Assess students for course mastery at school-determined points and as necessary Monitor coursework in supplemental programs such as Study Island, Raz-Kids, etc… Document all communication with students and Learning Coaches in TotalView School Record student attendance for the LC and Class Connect and escalate attendance issues accordingly Provide interventions to At-Risk and Response to Intervention (RtI) students define type of interventions (i.e. academic based or progress/engagement level) Communicate with the SPED teachers at least once weekly Monthly Expectations: Attend required school Professional Development (PD) meetings and National PD offerings (if cannot attend live, watch the recordings) Try to have at least one 1:1 contact with every student that you teach via phone Promote student achievement and acknowledge student efforts in positive ways Provide constructive feedback for work samples to students and Learning Coaches Be prepared for calls/meetings with Administration or other staff members Participate in grade level meetings Conference with Low Engaged students/parents and others as necessary Review objectives mastered vs. not mastered Log in to Study Island to check and create assignments prior to conference Share necessary test results (Scantron, Study Island Assessments, etc…) Set goals for Learning Coaches and students to work towards Review attendance and progress Work 1:1 with student and talk to Learning Coaches about carrying out expectations Remind family (or Learning Coach and student) of any upcoming events or important dates Expectations As Necessary: Create and maintain data in Individualized Learning Plan Issue quarterly Progress Reports Issue semester and year-end Report Cards Facilitate PARCC, NWEA, Scantron, PLAN, EXPLORE, ACT, or other required assessment Plan academically focused field trips throughout the school year Plan and attend school outings and/or events Facilitate club meetings as outlined in the school calendar Participate in all state-testing planning and procedures Gather and provide data to the Administration when requested Participate in committee meetings and complete any assigned tasks Evaluate Special Education course placement Recommend course changes, advancements or promotions, and document accordingly - Enter grades into the LMS (end of each semester) Participate in requested Parent Orientations and Open Houses Participate in IEP meetings and intervention calls when requested Document and record students in Response to Intervention Complete expense reports
Qualifications: Candidate should have a state of Illinois Professional Educator License to teach grades 9-12 with appropriate endorsements to teach Secondary Math.

Job Posting Date: 1/8/2017
Start Date: 1/20/2017

How to Apply: Please apply online and send your resume and letter of interest to rlebron@k12.com.
Email for More Information: rlebron@k12.com

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Looking to hire?Employers »

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