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Job Title:

District Secretary/Transportation Director

District Name: Dallas Elem #327
Address: 921 Creamery Hill Rd.
Dallas City, IL   62330
Phone Number: (217)852-3201
Fax Number: (217)852-3203

Region: Western
County: Hancock
Type of Employment: Full-time permanent
Job Category: Clerical
Grade Level: Unit District
Salary/Benefits: Employee Only health insurance provided by the district
Duties: School Board Secretary Assist the superintendent/Board president in agenda and Board packet preparation and delivery and set up for meetings; Attend all Board Meetings and take minutes; Type Board minutes, News Releases, and official notices to the media; Manage Closed and Open Meeting records; Keep the Mandated website information updated; Keep hard copy and disc of Board Policy; Certify the Budget, Annual Financial Report, & Tax Levy to the county clerks and other entities; Send approved Prevailing Wage Ordinance and Economic Interest reports to the County Clerk; Assist the superintendent in registering the Board and admin for meetings, workshops & conferences including transportation and housing; Assist Board members with mandated trainings; District Secretary/Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Receive and relay messages for the Superintendent including the superintendent’s weekly schedule to staff; Maintain the official district calendar, file monthly calendars and assist the Supt. in applying for School Code Waivers; State Aid Report; E-Report Card; End of Year Report; Estimated Best 3 Months ADA; Provide information to the Bookkeeper and Superintendent for periodic reports; Facilitate the annual audit; Assist the Bookkeeper in Workers Comp and Risk Mgmt. Insurance Claims; Advertise for personnel as directed by he administrators; Keep new, current, and former personnel files complete & monitor certificate expirations; Facilitate Regional Office annual Mini Compliance visits and Full Compliance Probe; Maintain the Staff Directory and file lists of subs for parapros, custodians, cooks, and cafeteria secretary; Compose, copy, and mail the summer Back to School newsletter; Update School Closing Information as directed by the Superintendent; Keep files of all compliance reports for buildings and grounds for Health Life Safety Inspections; Work with the State Archives office in the application for and disposal of local obsolete records ? ? Transportation Director Pupil Head Count for Transportation Claim and provide route and mileage information to the Bookkeeper for Transportation Claim; Liaison among Transportation Maintenance Director, Drivers, and Superintendent; Assist in communications with bus leasing company; Advertise and recommend drivers for hire and guide them in completing the school bus driver certification process, including arranging random drug testing, scheduling driver refreshers, and sending renewals for annual permits; Arrange, prepare and direct the annual drivers meeting early August; Work the Bus Route station on Registration Day; Organize and update all routes and keep files for drivers & subs; Arrange for all sub and activity driving; Keep drivers updated on calendar changes, new laws and policies;Work with Dallas City and La Harpe Athletic Directors to update athletic bus schedule and communicate changes to LH drivers, DC Transp. Director, LH & DC ADs, LH & DC principals, LH & DC secretaries, LH coaches, and LH staff who update websites and calendars;Ensure all vehicles have current registrations, insurance cards and test stickers (Transp. Maint. Dir.)

School/District Link: http://www.dcbulldogs.com

Job Posting Date: 1/6/2017
Application Deadline: 1/20/2017

Looking to hire?Employers »

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