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Job Title:

School Psychologist

District Name: Harlem #122
Address: 8605 North 2nd St.
Machesney Park, IL   61115
Phone Number: (815)654-4500
Fax Number: (815)282-2392

Region: Kishwaukee
County: Winnebago
Type of Employment: Full-time permanent
Job Category: School Psychologist
Grade Level: Elementary
Salary/Benefits: Annual Salary: $51,645 - $87,501 (TRS Included) Medical/Dental Insurance Vision Insurance Flexible Spending Account Voluntary Life Insurance Wellness Plan
Duties: 1. Assess difficulties of referred students through appropriate testing and diagnostic practices. 2. Consult with school personnel and parents in the process of identifying students with academic and social-emotional problems. 3. Assist school personnel and parents in prescribing remediation plans and techniques for students with learning and social-emotional problems. 4. Participate in diagnostic and multidisciplinary conferences for students needing remediation, referral to outside agencies, of special placement within the system. 5. Administer and interpret test results related to placement of students in special education services. 6. Prepare and submit required reports for case studies in a timely fashion. 7. Assist in the planning and/or provision of staff and parent in-service training. 8. Conduct individual, group, or facilitative therapy for students having significant psychological problems and also offer short-term counseling to parents of such students as necessary. 9. Participate as a required member of each building’s diagnostic and Multi-Disciplinary Team. 10. Maintain case records on all referred students. 11. Serve as a liaison between the school, home, and community. 12. Keep the director of special education and building administration appraised of the progress of students referred for psychological services. 13. Provide crisis intervention for parents, students, and staff. 14. Keep current with best practices and requirements as they relate to your job assignment. 15. Perform such other job related duties and assume such other professional responsibilities as your supervisor may from time to time assign or delegate. 16. Represent the Harlem Consolidated School District in a professional manner.
Qualifications: 1. Master’s Degree 2. Valid Illinois Professional Educator License with endorsement as School Psychologist

School/District Link: https://www.harlem122.org

Job Posting Date: 5/9/2018
Start Date: 8/13/2018

How to Apply: Go to www.harlem122.org, click on Employment, then Current Employment Opportunities. Start an application as an external applicant.
Email for More Information: Rachel.Freeman@harlem122.org

Looking to hire?Employers »

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