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With 965 Illinois school districts and other educational institutions subscribing to the Illinois Education Job Bank – the proof is in the numbers. Since 1999, the Illinois Education Job Bank has provided the opportunity for more than 50,000 vacancies and 49,000 profiles to be posted online.

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Employees of Illinois public and private schools, school service members and schools/firms outside of Illinois can request a Job Posting Account to create and manage job postings on behalf of the school or firm.


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If you want to register for a Job Posting Account and your school district, private school or firm DOES NOT have a current Job Bank Subscription, and you would like to register on their behalf, complete a Subscription Application to be submitted for approval by your school district superintendent, private school administrator or IASA School Service Member contact.

If you want to register for a Job Posting Account and you DON’T KNOW if your school district, private school or firm has a Job Bank Subscription: Contact your school district administrator, private school administrator or IASA School Service member.

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