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RSS Options for Posting Jobs to Your School/Firm Website

Did you know the Illinois Education Job Bank is set up for RSS options for your job postings to automatically be posted to your school district/firm website once they are posted on the Job Bank? To incorporate this new option into your district/firm website, you only need to ask your technology staff to write code to read the RSS feed and display it on your site. Once the code is set up you are ready to view the postings from your own website in addition to displaying them on the Illinois Education Job Bank.

Please note you will need your unique Subscriber ID to set up the feed. Contact the Job Bank at 217.753.2213 or jobbank@iasaedu.org to access your unique Subscriber ID.

Link to display: http://www.illinoiseducationjobbank.org/rss.aspx?mid=[include id here]

For general RSS information, go to http://www.rss-specifications.com/

We are pleased to provide this valuable service to you as part of your annual subscription fee.

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