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Searching and viewing job postings is simplified with this easy-to-use interface. Simply click the "Search" button to view all. Or narrow your results by entering information into the fields and drop down options.

Add/Update Job Postings
Post jobs immediately or save a draft for later editing. Maintain complete control of job posting information, posting date and duration.

Your Job Posting Templates
If you frequently post jobs that contain the same information, save time by creating a Job Posting Template to use over and over. Save and reuse information such as job location, job type or descriptions such as duties, qualifications, salary and benefits.


Submitted Online Applications
Use this powerful tool to review submitted candidate applications with the option to select and save to Favorite Candidates. Sort and search by Job Title, Candidate Last Name or Application Date.

Search Resumes
Find potential candidates from thousands of online resumes stored on the Job Bank. Customize searches by indicating features such as languages, experience, education level, certifications, employment and position type, grade level, and county. Sort results by last name or recently added.

Favorite Candidates
Simplify the selection process. View favorite candidates that have been selected and saved from Submitted Online Applications. Sort and search by Job Title, Candidate Last Name or Date Saved.


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Update your profile information at any time by editing name, title, address, phone, email and more.

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Upon Account approval, you will be provided with a password. You must change the provided password once you have signed in the first time or retrieved a forgotten or misplaced password.

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If you have forgotten or misplaced your password associated with your account, please request a Password Reminder.

Disclaimer: Job information is posted to the Job Bank by individual school districts and businesses. All districts and business posting vacancies on the Job Bank confirm that they are affirmative action/equal opportunity employers. IASA assumes no responsibility for any job vacancy information posted.

Job Seeker Profiles posted to the Job Bank by individuals seeking employment are the responsibility of the individual. Job Bank assumes no responsibility for any profile posted by individuals.


If you have additional questions about how the Job Bank works, please call the IASA Office at 217/753-2213 or email jobbank@iasaedu.org.

Please review Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement.

Looking for a job?Go to Job Seekers »

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Your Job Postings

Create Job Postings
Posting vacancies is simplified with an easy-to-use interface. Save a draft or post immediately.

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Search & Manage Postings
Search and view job postings easily. Search by title, posted date, status and more.

Manage Job Postings

Your Job Posting Templates
Create and use time saving templates as starting points for repeat openings.

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Find & Manage Candidates

Search for Candidates
Find qualified candidates using keywords, education level, certifications and more.

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View and Save Online Applications Sort and view applications by job title, candidate name, or application date.

Submitted Online Applications

Manage Candidates
Sort and view saved candidates by name, application date or job title.

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