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Whether you are seeking qualified applicants to fill permanent, interim, part- or full-time vacancies, the Illinois Education Job BankSM makes ...
posting jobs and finding candidates a cost-saving solution!


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A low cost solution with maximum control and options!

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  • Post jobs immediately or save information for later editing.
  • Maintain complete control of job posting information, posting date and duration.
  • RSS options allow job openings to automatically post on your school district’s website simply by setting up the RSS Feed.
  • Search for additional candidate features such as languages, skills and more.
  • Find and manage candidates with huge resume bank.
  • Find candidates with automated “job matching” – connecting job opportunities with profiles.
  • Application options – choose the Illinois Education Job Bank application or use your school district’s online application.
  • Add customized questions to IASA's universal online application.
  • Save favorite candidates from IASA's universal online job applications.
Looking for a job?Go to Job Seekers »

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