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The criterion indicated below are intended to describe various types of work that may be performed. The exclusion of specific responsibilities does not prohibit them if the work is similar, related, or a logical task of the position.

 In coordination with the Building Principal, the Associate Principal:

  • Possesses knowledge of District policies and regulations relating to areas of responsibilities.
  • Has experience and knowledge of best curriculum practices for respective grade levels in the school.
  • Supports progressive education ideals and practices in conjunction with 21st Century learning principles.
  • Demonstrates commitment to student achievement, school improvement, and professional development.
  • Has the ability to use and has an understanding of the role of data in a progressive school setting.
  • Develops and implements activities that encourage students to be life-long learners.
  • Assures the efficient, effective operation of the school by directing the staff development and evaluation of employees; developing and administering the school budget; and implementing and interpreting policies, procedures, and regulations for effective day-to-day and long term operations.
  • Ensures effective community-staff-student relations by promoting communication and participation, by identifying needs and planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the school-community relations activities in a manner which is visible to the public.  Promotes parental and community involvement in school and District activities.
  • Provides a positive learning climate in the school by establishing, enforcing and maintaining appropriate student behavior standards and guidelines.
  • Contributes to an effective, comprehensive, District-wide integrated educational and student development program by directing the development and effective implementation of applicable program elements at the elementary level and ensuring a fluid experience for students and parents throughout their varied transitions.
  • Ensures that District instructional and management programs are implemented in initiating, monitoring, and evaluating District activities.  Provides planning leadership and direction to staff committees actively involved in contributing to curriculum and school improvement plans and decisions.  Serves as a resource and assures effective development and operation of committees and the active participation of program staff.
  • Ensures the systematic improvement and evaluation of instructional and management programs that respond to student, school, community, and District needs.
  • Supports the systematic implementation of program planning, budgeting, evaluation, record keeping, and internal controls for financial and property accounting by being informed and directing others in the system’s procedures.  Prepares the school’s budget by monitoring the expenditure of funds allocated to the school and making decisions regarding the reallocation of school funds within District guidelines.
  • Ensures a safe and secure environment for staff and students by developing, implementing, and monitoring effective safety and security programs and procedures for buildings, grounds, and transportation routes to school.
  • Ensures that school grounds meet health and safety standards by monitoring staff, community and student use; plans, budgets, monitors, and evaluates plant and ground maintenance and improvement work performed at the school site.
  • Ensures that all State and Federal laws, negotiated contracts, Board policy and District administrative and school regulations are adhered to by students, staff, parents, and the community by communicating, interpreting, and implementing laws, policies, and rules to all involved.
  • Ensures efficient and effective performance of assigned staff within District human resources policies and procedures by assigning, supervising, and scheduling the work of assigned staff. 
  • Advises, assists, and trains employees as necessary. Participates in the selection of new employees and makes recommendations regarding the hiring, discipline, transfer and termination of employees.
  • Provides for the staff development, training and motivation of all employees.
  • Contributes to effective school programs by participating in professional conferences, additional training and professional reading.
  • Completes compliance trainings as required by the District.
  • Summer School Principal
  • General management of the Summer School program.
  • Conduct timely parent communication.
  • Approve all requisitions for equipment and supplies.
  • Organize the class schedules and activities.
  • Assign students to specific classes.
  • Develop a list of course offerings.
  • Design the Summer School brochure.
  • Conduct teacher selection.
  • Supervise summer school teachers and support staff.
  • Monitor all Summer School classrooms and assist teachers in the delivery of the program.
  • Serve as student disciplinarian.
  • Assist in the preparation of the Summer School budget.
  • Keep a financial account for all funds.
  • Design, present, tabulate and analyze results of an evaluation component to be given to teachers, parents and students.
  • Athletic Director
    • Recommends employment and assignment of athletic coaches to the principal.
    • Fosters good school/community relations by keeping the community aware of and responsive to the athletic program.
    • Organizes and schedules all interscholastic/intramural events.
    • Coordinates home events and the securing of game officials.
    • Coordinates transportation for athletic participants, responsible to file with district central office staff all transportation requests pursuant to Board policy.
    • Develops, with approval of the principal, appropriate rules and regulations governing the conduct of teams and coaches pursuant to Deerfield Public Schools District 109 policies
    • Enforces physical and academic requirements of eligibility for participating in each sport and verifies each athlete’s eligibility, consistent with Board and IASA rules.
    • Follows Board procurement policy in securing supplies and equipment for athletic teams.
    • Coordinates and approves field and gym practice schedules for all athletic teams.
    • Coordinates supervision of after-hours extra-curricular activities as designated by principal.
  • Other duties as assigned.


DEPARTMENT:  Administration
LICENSURE:  Professional Educator License (PEL)
ENDORSEMENT:  General Administrative
REPORTS TO:  Building Principal
SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:  Building Certified and Non-Certified Staff
PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  Full/part-time experience as a teacher or certified employment in an educational setting
EVALUATION:  Evaluated by the Building Principal and/or other certified evaluators using the agreed-upon evaluation tool. This includes formal observation of job performance, the inclusion of informal observation data, an artifact file, student growth measures, and other sources of data. The evaluation cycle for the Associate Principal shall be one school year.


Salary range will be $80,000 - $90,000 (base salary for a 10-month associate principal contract) with additional benefits including health/dental benefits, contributions to TRS, and other administrative benefits.

Additional Notes

Due to the volume of interest, we cannot conduct interviews on request.  Please - NO CALLS. The Board of Education will make the final hiring decision. Anticipated board approval consideration at the July 2019 meeting. The position is reviewed annually by the Board of Education. Deerfield Public Schools District 109 is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to Apply

Apply via our online application process at https://www.dps109.org/Page/171. Candidates may be invited to take online screening assessments as part of the overall selection process.

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