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Program Description

ACE Programs is an alternative educational program administered through the Regional Office of Education No. 40. The program was developed for students who are at risk of failure, often because of behavior considered disruptive to the regular educational process.

Students who will benefit from the educational structure and environment of the ACE Programs may exhibit some, but not necessarily all, of the following characteristics or events:

  • “At-risk” status due to social factors which may affect the student’s ability to attain academic success, such as frequent mobility, low self-esteem, and various family situations
  • Not qualified for special educational services but would benefit from an alternative form of educational structure which provides an individualized and remedial approach
  • History of (or current) incompatibility with traditional day school that may be indicated through truancy, minor discipline problems, and academic failure
  • Suspended at least twice for a period of 4 – 10 days for gross misconduct
  • Arrested by law enforcement and/or remanded to juvenile or criminal courts for acts related to school activities
  • Eligible for disciplinary reassignment pursuant to violation of a school district’s “zero tolerance” policies
  • Involved in misconduct that can be demonstrated as serious, repetitive, and/or cumulative
  • Returned from a juvenile correction facility

It is the goal of the ACE Programs staff to do what is best for the individual student in cooperation with the student’s Home School.  The Program Director and ACE personnel will work with the Home School personnel when a student’s success in the ACE Programs may be questionable.

Students enrolled at ACE shall remain students of the referring school district but are considered ineligible for regular school activities.  Enrollment in the ACE Programs is by mutual agreement of the referring school, parent/guardian, student, and ACE staff.

The program’s curriculum takes a two-pronged approach.  The first prong consists of therapeutic interventions – often curricular in nature – that train the student to develop appropriate behaviors.  The second prong of the program seeks to increase the student’s academic performance.  Interventions and objectives for achieving the program’s outcomes have been developed and are utilized to write an Alternative Education Plan for each student.  The school team will review the student’s records and results of any psychological or educational assessments (including interviews with the referring school district’s personnel and outside agencies which may be involved in the student’s case).  From the information received, an academic and behavioral plan is developed for the student.

Student services coordinators and guidance personnel are available to help students with academic and/or personal problems.

Grades from ACE Programs are calculated according to a 10-point grading scale (90 - 100% = A; 80 - 89% = B, etc.) and are sent to parents and referring schools. Credits are awarded by the referring school district according to its specific grading scale. 

Mission Statement

The ACE Programs team is committed to our mission to motivate, assist, challenge, and empower each student to attain success in school and to prepare him/her for future success by providing a positive and safe environment wherein all teachers are able to teach and all students are able to learn.
Duties of this position require an ability to positively contribute to your team of fellow educators and the students you serve. 


PEL with endorsements for grades 6-12, general studies. 


To be determined by experience and qualifications. 

How to Apply

Send resumes with references to Dirk Muffler via email dmuffler@roe40.com 

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