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Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Other Duties may be assigned.

  1. Coordinate the scheduling of all IEP meetings where eligibility decisions will be made, in

conjunction with district staff, based on the needs of the district.


  1. Facilitate meetings/staffings in conjunction with district staff, based on the needs of the district.


  1. Support districts to ensure that all meetings/staffings follow state and federal guidelines and all

paperwork is properly completed and distributed.       


  1. Remain current in knowledge of federal and state laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and

practices which apply to special education and provide timely and pertinent information to



  1. Onboard and train member district special education personnel on the Computerized IEP



  1. Provide guidance in resolving issues related to placement, student progress, and related service provision in each district.


  1. Working with the LASEC Director and personnel, contribute to developing and implementing

programs and services that benefit the cooperative districts.


  1. Provide technical assistance to special education and related services personnel in conjunction

with district staff and administration, based on the needs of the district.


  1. Prepare for and lead meetings/staffings as LEA representative when requested by the district



  1. Foster positive relationships within districts.




  1. Involve families in IEP meetings and proactively communicate processes and information in         

conjunction with district staff, so that families are provided all information needed to understand the IEP process.


  1. Facilitate problem-solving and conflict resolution relating to disputes about special education

services or disagreements regarding the learning needs of individual students in conjunction with

district staff.


  1. Assist district administrators in the recruitment and selection of qualified special  

education personnel, upon request, and assist with the orientation of new staff.  


  1. Conduct and/or assist district administrators with personnel evaluations, upon request.


  1. Identify needs and with LASEC personnel, provide professional development

opportunities to educators, families and community members in assigned districts.


  1.  Serve on Leyden Area Special Education Cooperative, district, and community-based

 committees related to the supervisory role, upon request.

  1.  Adhere to all policies and procedures of the Leyden Area Special Education Cooperative


  1. Assume other duties as directed by Leyden Area Special Education Cooperative or partner

district administration.   


  1. Attend regular meetings as set by the Director.


  1. Provide two-way communication between LASEC and member districts on topics pertinent to

Special Education.


  1. Report incidents of suspected fraud or concerns about grossly inappropriate behavior to the Executive Director or Business Manager.


Type 75 General Administrative Certificate, Professional Educator License with an administrative endorsement. Prior successful special education classroom and/or administrative experience. Bilingual skills, preferred. Must have valid Illinois Driver’s license and automobile insured for school travel between school sites.


Regionally competitive. Excellent benefit package.

How to Apply

Please apply at www.applitrack.com/lasecfp/onlineapp or our our website at www.lasecfp.org

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