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Planning & Preparation

  1. Demonstrates content knowledge and makes connections between the content and all relevant disciplines.
  2. Understands child and adolescent development and displays an understanding of how students learn.
  3. Establishes and clearly articulates instructional outcomes based upon district curriculum guidelines, state standards, and/or content standards.
  4. Utilizes personnel resources as appropriate to enhance content and pedagogical knowledge.
  5. Provides relevant instructional goals that represent significant cognitive challenges with differentiation and meaningful learning.
  6. Uses assessment results to plan and modify instruction.

Classroom Environment

  1. Creates an environment of respect and rapport.
  2. Establishes a culture for learning.
  3. Establishes and manages classroom procedures to maximize learning time.
  4. Effectively manages student behavior through the establishment of rules and clear expectations that are fair and conducive to learning.
  5. Assures the classroom is safe and learning is equally accessible to all students.


  1. Communicates expectations for learning to students clearly and accurately.
  2. Uses questioning and discussion techniques to successfully engage all students in the learning process.
  3. Engages students in the learning process through intellectual involvement with the content or active construction of understanding.
  4. Uses formative and summative assessments to inform the instructional process.
  5. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness to ensure that all students learn.

Professional Responsibilities

  1. Reflects on teaching for improvement opportunities.
  2. Maintains accurate records.
  3. Communicates with students and families about student progress, respects cultural norms, and engages families in the instructional program.
  4. Develops and maintains professional relationships with colleagues which demonstrate mutual support and cooperation.
  5. Seeks professional development opportunities and welcomes professional feedback.
  6. Displays high standards of integrity and ethical conduct and fully complies with school and district regulations.

(Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required)

  1. The ability to communicate in ways students will understand, as well as with parents and administrators.
  2. Visually observing student behavior.
  3. The creativity to create engaging lessons and inspire students to learn.
  4. Collaborations Skills.


  1. Possess a Bachelor’s Degree (Education) or related field.
  2. Current Illinois Professional Educator License with endorsement(s) in Elementary Education 


  1. Salary and conditions established by the Board of Education.


How to Apply

Please apply on the district wesbite.

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