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    1. Assists the principal in developing monitoring and evaluating programs to enhance positive school culture and climate.
    2. Assists in student management, school safety, attendance, and discipline.
    3. Understand and support District goals.
    4. Implement and adhere to District policies and procedures, rules and regulations, and directives.
    5. Show organizational ability.
    6. Provide clear and consistent direction to staff on a continuing basis.
    7. Introduce, promote, and develop constructive ideas.
    8. Show good industry and sustained effort.
    9. Anticipate and be resourceful in coping with problems in a consistent manner.
    10. Work with others in a cooperative manner.
    11. Demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior.
    12. Demonstrate sound judgment.
    13. Demonstrate courage and conviction.
    14. Show receptivity to needed change.
    15. Participate actively in District and/or school activities.
    16. Participate actively on District committees.
    17. Participate in all required meetings. 

Professional Growth

    1. Participate in professional organizations.
    2. Attend seminars, workshops, and professional meetings.
    3. Continue to acquire professional knowledge.
    4. Demonstrate growth through experience.
    5. Show ability to analyze himself/herself objectively in terms of leadership, performance, and professional growth.

Instructional Services

    1. Assist the principal in his/her responsibilities for horizontal and vertical articulation and curricular alignment.
    2. Assist the principal in reviewing curriculum development proposals in collaboration with the Curriculum Department.
    3. Work with the principal in overseeing the assessment programs (i.e., MAP, ISAT, PSAE, AP, etc.).
    4. Establishes, monitors, and evaluates school improvement goals as documented in the annual School Improvement Plan (Rising Star).
    5. Uses data to make decisions about curriculum, assessment, instruction, and all school improvement.
    6. Assist the principal in the responsibility for the quality of the instructional program of the school.  The instructional program includes curricular, extra-curricular, and guidance opportunities.
    7. Assist in recommending the selection of texts, teaching aids, equipment, and supplies. 
    8. Assist in administering the instructional program in accordance with School Board requirements, standards set by the accrediting agency, and state statutes. 
    9. Assist in organizing and administering the building summer school program cooperatively with the principal. 
    10. Assist in coordinating activities and planning toward common goals. 
    11. Coordinate activities of staff members of other schools and with other administrators and consultants. 
    12. Assist in providing for cooperative curriculum development and evaluation. 
    13. Provide for conditions conducive to the establishment and maintenance of good morale and the realization of personal and professional goals of staff members. 
    14. Delegate responsibilities to staff members, including counselors, department chairmen, secretaries, and aides.  

Personnel Services

    1. Establishes a culture of mutual respect and excellence through dialogue and relationships with staff, students, central office administrators, and community members.
    2. Participate in the selection, assignment, and reassignment of building staff.
    3. Participate in the orientation of new personnel to the District and to the school.
    4. Assign instructional and other responsibilities.
    5. Provide leadership in creating a desirable climate conducive to good morale.
    6. Establish appropriate staff committees to facilitate the implementation of various staff professional and social activities.
    7. Provide for the safety, health, and welfare of the staff assigned to the school.
    8. Screen requests for conferences, clinics, workshops, and personal leaves.
    9. Participate in the assignment of student teachers, student observers, field experience students, and volunteer helpers.


Staff Supervision and Evaluation

    1. Assist the principal in staffing, enrollment, and budget decisions involving master schedule development.
    2. Supervise and evaluate staff in order to assist in the improvement of performance.
    3. Provide a minimum of three classroom teaching evaluation visits to each teacher being formally evaluated.
    4. Provide for classroom teaching evaluation visits to each teacher being evaluated as established by State requirements, which includes a written performance evaluation and conduct a post-observation conference relating to each formal evaluation visit. (Written performance evaluations, including constructive suggestions for the improvement of performance, must be provided to any teacher experiencing problems.)  
    5. In cooperation with the teacher, establish realistic and appropriate goals for improvement of teaching performance.
    6. Make appropriate recommendations regarding the continued employment of staff members.
    7. Evaluate other personnel as directed. 

Inservice Education

    1. Assist in coordinating and promoting professional growth plans and opportunities for faculty and staff.
    2. Assist in assigning, supervising, and evaluating the use of professional period by staff members.
    3. Provide opportunities and encourage staff members to participate in clinics, workshops, and state and regional conferences.
    4. Provide for the continuing development of instructional techniques and assist staff personnel in improving their methods and techniques.
    5. Assist in organizing and conducting meetings of the faculty and faculty groups.
    6. Assist in organization and managing workshops to improve staff skills in the use of aids to learning, libraries, resource centers, and other audiovisual media.
    7. Organize and assist in developing programs for in-service days.
    8. Provide leadership and encouragement toward staff participation in Districtwide in-service education and other committees.
    9. Organize, maintain, and encourage the use of a professional library.
    10. Organize, plan, or assist in the development of programs for in-service days. 

Pupil Personnel Services

    1. Register, schedule, and orient students assigned to the school and administer regulations regarding their enrollment.
    2. Maintain an environment conducive to learning with a major emphasis on the development of self-control.
    3. Provide for the safety, health, and welfare of the students.
    4. Administer regulations regarding pupil behavior, discipline, and attendance.
    5. Provide opportunities to participate in a program of educational, intramural, and cultural activities.
    6. Provide opportunities for personal, social, and educational guidance.
    7. Initiate and participate in the recommendation, evaluation, and assignment of pupils to various programs of education.
    8. Assist in regulating the retention and promotion of pupils in accordance with School Board Policies.
    9. Assist in developing, implementing, and evaluating the guidance program.
    10. Supervises school activities and events. 

School Organization and Administration

    1. Develop an understanding of the goals and philosophy of the District.
    2. Develop operational procedures for the efficient and effective functioning of the school.
    3. Establish and maintain means of communication and dissemination of information with students and staff.
    4. Assist in the supervision of the operation of food, custodial, and pupil transportation services.
    5. Arrange for the transportation of pupils for school activities and for their supervision.
    6. Assist in maintaining schedules of building usage, master calendar of events, and clearance of building permits.
    7. In cooperation with the department of building services, administer building security regulations, including the issuance, use, and accounting for keys/swipe cards, etc.
    8. Assist the principal in building operations and maintenance.
    9. Assist the principal in overseeing vendor and service contracts. 

Community Relations

    1. Work with community groups, including parent groups, youth organizations, and community and service organizations.
    2. Communicate with parents and the community on matters relating to the school.
    3. Provide individual opportunities for parents to discuss matters such as student progress, health, and adjustment.
    4. Publicize school programs and services through District channels.
    5. Assist the principal in providing a monthly newsletter to all parents. 

Budgeting and Accounting

  1. Evaluate, coordinate, modify, and compile budget requests.
  2. Recommend and interpret the school's budget requests.
  3. Maintain records and controls in the requisitioning of approved budgeting items.
  4. Maintain inventories of supplies and equipment.
  5. Account for all funds collected within the school in accordance with recommended procedures.
  6. Develop and maintain procedures for the collection and accounting of fees, fines, charges for materials, and activity funds.
  7. Oversees the inventory, purchase, and organization of textbooks and supplies in coordination with the Teaching and Learning department.

Assist the principal in the principal’s following responsibilities:

 Planning, Research, and Program Evaluation

    1. Provide leadership for the study of administrative and educational problems of the school and District.
    2. Participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of needed surveys.
    3. Participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the instructional program.
    4. Provide for the involvement of staff in the evaluation of present programs and for the recommendation of new programs and procedures. 

Policies and Procedures

    1. Interprets Board of Education and central office policies and procedures.
    2. Coordinates building-level crisis plan.
    3. Participate in the development of and implement employee agreements, administrative procedures, directives, and Board Policies.
    4. Have knowledge of state statutes and policies regulating and affecting elementary schools and interpret these to staff members. 

Records and Reports

    1. Participates in developing the Building Master Schedule and Staff Supervision Schedule.
    2. Complete and submit reports required for the District, and the state and federal governments.
    3. Maintain systems and procedures concerning student records.
    4. Compile reports for use at the building level.
    5. Maintains student handbook and building procedures.
    6. Provide special reports and other reports of continuing, new, and proposed programs.
    7. Maintain accurate evaluation control records and submit evaluation reports to the Human Resources in a timely manner.
    8. Provide all required documentation to Human Resources as needed.


  1. Assist in other areas as needed.
  2. Complete other duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.


  • Demonstrated skill in organizing ideas and presenting them with clarity and conciseness, in establishing and maintaining working relationships based on mutual confidence and respect, in identifying problems and their resolutions, in the evaluation of performance potential as revealed through interviews and other means of observation, and in organizing and maintaining simultaneous progress in a considerable variety of detailed operations involving many different people and processes. 
  • Knowledge of the scope and relationships of the position to the total educational program, and sufficient knowledge and understanding of functions related to the position to provide leadership in the maintenance and improvement of an efficient and effective program.  
  • Demonstrate sound judgment, social competency, adaptability, self-confidence, emotional maturity, initiative, enthusiasm, and resourcefulness, as well as dedication to duty and the ability to act consistently and to evaluate a program through observation and examination of stated objectives and related results.
  • Assist teachers in their following required knowledge, skills, and abilities:
    • Planning and Preparation – Teachers are responsible for demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy, students, and resources.  Design coherent instruction and select appropriate instructional activities, and has the ability to assess students' learning.
    • Classroom Environment – Teachers are responsible for creating an environment of respect and rapport, establishing a culture for learning, managing classroom procedures, managing student’s behavior, and has the ability to organize physical space.
    • Instruction – Teachers must communicate clearly and accurately, use questioning and discussion techniques, engage students in learning, provide feedback to students, and demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness.
    • Professional Responsibility – Teachers must reflect on teaching, must maintain accurate records, communicate professionally, contribute to the school and district, grow and develop professionally, and show professionalism. 

Technical: Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office.  Must be knowledgeable in all instructional technology tools as required of staff.

Interpersonal: Must be able to communicate effectively with students, parents and staff.  Must exhibit sound judgment in dealing with people.  Must have strong organizational skills.  Must be able to make difficult decisions and support others.  Must be able to work harmoniously with students, parents, staff, and administration. 


  • Manual Dexterity: Work requires definite skilled and accurate physical operations requiring some closely coordinated performance.
  • Physical Effort: Work required handling average weight materials or equipment, but not for sustained periods.
  • Working Conditions:  Some exposure is definitely disagreeable.


Certification:  Type 75 Administrator’s Certification


Required: Master's Degree or higher from an accredited college or university with courses such as school administration; school supervision, curriculum; problems, issues, and trends in elementary and secondary education; educational measurement; adolescent psychology; guidance, school finance, and school law.


  1. Required: Five (5) years of teaching experience in a middle school or high school setting.  
  2. Preferred: Two (2) years of prior assistant principal experience.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Full-Time, 12-Month position.

SALARY RANGE:  GRADE 400, Level 402, plus benefits

EVALUATION: Conducted yearly


This description has been prepared to assist in properly evaluating various classes of responsibilities, skills, working conditions, etc.  It is intended to indicate the kinds of tasks and characteristic levels of work difficulty that will be required of positions that will be given this title.  It is not intended as a complete list of specific duties and responsibilities. Nor is it intended to limit, or in any way modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct and control the work of employees under supervision.  Scheduling flexibility is required to accommodate changing school/district needs.  The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of similar kind or level of difficulty.  


The North Chicago Community Unit School District #187 is an Equal Opportunity Employer with established policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin,  sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, marital status, arrest record, military status, order of protection status, unfavorable military discharge, citizenship status provided the individual  is authorized to work in the United States, use of lawful products while not at work, being a victim  of domestic or sexual violence, genetic information, physical  or mental handicap or disability, if otherwise able to perform the essential functions of the job with reasonable accommodation, credit history, unless a satisfactory credit history is an established bona fide occupational requirement of a particular position, or other legally protected categories.  The Superintendent of Schools/designee (847-689-8150) addresses questions regarding student discrimination, and the Director of Human Resources (847-689-8150) answers questions concerning staff discrimination.


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