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Occupational therapy services necessary for the development of the student’s IEP or documented ISP or IEP/ISP include, but are not limited to:

Therapy services which are rehabilitative, active, or restorative.  These services are designed to correct or compensate for a medical problem and are directed toward the preventions or minimization of disability, and may include:

  • Developing, improving, or restoring motor function
  • Controlling postural deviations
  • Providing gait training and using assistive devices for physical mobility and dexterity
  • Maintaining maximal performance within a student’s capabilities through the use of therapeutic exercises and procedures


  • Certification through the National Board for certification of occupational therapy (NBCOT),
  • Licensed through the Illinois department of financial and professional regulation (IDFPR).

Additional Notes

This is a substitute position due to maternity leave, October 3-December 21, 2022.  35 hours a week, $22.40/hr

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