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VACANCY:  Valley View Community Unit School District 365U is seeking an Assistant Director of Student Services for the 2022-2023 school year.


JOB SUMMARY:  Under the direction of the Executive Director of Student Services, Director of Special Education, and the Director of Support Services, the Assistant Director of Student Services assists the Student Services department in enhancing student achievement by providing leadership in the development, coordination, supervision and evaluation of District student service programming, specialized instruction, special education services, and related programs/services.




  • Assist in the analysis of academic data that leads to the identification of program areas that could benefit from participating in a continuous cycle of improvement.
  • Assist in the research and interpretation of federal and state laws that regulate the educational rights of special education learners and all learners, and coordinate the adjustments in VVSD’s instructional programs that these regulations, as they change, could cause.
  • From the analysis of student academic performance data and, in coordination with the rest of the Educational Services Department and the Professional Development Office, determine the learning needs of all VVSD teaching staff, when it pertains to student services, coordinate and/or facilitate the meeting of these needs.  
  • Represent VVSD learners in the district’s instruction, materials and curriculum discussion and adoption processes. Collaborate with the rest of the ESD staff in the selection and/or development of effective and appropriate curriculum, instructional materials, instruction and interventions to be used with all special education students and at-risk learners.
  • Consult and assist the Executive Director of Student Services, Director of Special Education, Director of Support Services, Executive Director for Curriculum Pre K-5 and 6-12, Principals, and Department Chair, on an ongoing basis to ensure coordination and articulation of the District’s Student Service programs, policies and procedures.
  • Lead and support VVSD parental outreach efforts, in conjunction with building principals by help coordinating events and seeking new ways to develop and enhance partnerships between home and school that will increase student achievement.
  • Work in partnership with the Director of Professional Development and school administrators to coordinate a professional development program pertinent to the needs of student service personnel.
  • Work in partnership with building administration to provide leadership and technical assistance related to all district student service programs/services and participate in the professional observation and evaluation of certificated instructional staff.
  • Work in partnership with the school administrators in the screening, hiring, and release of student service and special education certified and educational support staff.
  • Submit a quarterly report to the Executive Director of Student Services detailing the status of all initiatives, programs and responsibilities.
  • Work collaboratively with the rest of the staff in the ESD department in all aspects involved in the coordination of the district-wide administration of PARCC, SAT, common assessments, and other assessments for student learning. Work with VVSD I-Series personnel in the monitoring and adjusting of student information (enrollment, programmatic, demographic, etc.) in AS400 and ISBE’s Student Information System to ensure proper student data reporting throughout the year and for standardized state assessment taking and reporting purposes.
  • Support the monthly, quarterly and final expenditure report processes for local, state and federal funds assigned to the VVSD Educational Programs to ensure expenditures are declared appropriately and on time.
  • Collect, sort and format frequent and comprehensive overtime student academic   achievement data that can be used in the evaluation of instructional and programs effectiveness. Be responsible in conjunction with building administration in the identification of instructional, curriculum, material and program improvements and their implementation.
  • Assist in the establishment and maintenance of procedures and policies for the referral, assessment and placement of students entitled to special education, 504, and other related student service programs and services.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Director of Student Services.



  • Degree in teaching at elementary, middle or high school level.  
  • Degree in Education Leadership from an accredited college or university, with training in administration, supervision, curriculum development and instruction with an emphasis in special education preferred.  


  • Minimum of three years of successful experience in teaching general education and/or special populations or related services.
  • Proven experience as a collaborative leader and motivator who possesses excellent interpersonal skills.



  • An administrative leadership style based on effective human relations and a continuous

                improvement model.  

  • Excellent communication, presentation, and listening skills.  
  • Compassion and enthusiasm for effective team leadership to motivate high standards and continuous improvement.  
  • Demonstrated knowledge of “best practices” in curriculum, instruction and assessment of special needs students.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of district, local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations governing the education of special needs students.
  • Understanding of the Illinois Learning Standards and College Readiness Standards.
  • Demonstrated ability to reach consensus with diverse groups of people.
  • Serve as a role model for all students and perform their duties to create an environment that is conducive to providing students an enhanced and engaged learning opportunity.


The work year for this position is 210 days.  Salary for this position is regionally competitive.  Valley View offers excellent fringe benefits, including life, health and dental insurance. 


How to Apply

Applicants should apply on line at www.vvsd.org and upload a resume and three (3) letters of recommendation dated within the past twelve (12) months.  Internal candidates should submit an online employment transfer using the District’s intranet.

Link to District/Third Party Online Application Web Page


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