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In direct cooperation with the Director of Special Education and Student Services, the following responsibilities apply.  This includes a plan to fully transition all noted responsibilities in the 2023-2024 school year and beyond.

  • Provide leadership, coordination, development and evaluation of special services programs and related services.
    • Assume leadership in the planning, development, and implementation of special services programs.
    • Direct and assist staff in the development and modification of curriculum and individualized education plans for the special education population.
    • Plan, develop, and coordinate a district-wide system of health services in keeping with state and county requirements.
    • Lead and direct program for preschool screening to identify children with disabilities in need of services.
    • Assume lead in transition planning for students coming to District 96 from Early Intervention Services.
    • Provide consultation to and coordination of special education programs.
  • Provide general direction, guidance, supervision and program support for special services personnel and staffing decisions.
  • Interpret the professional functions of pupil personnel specialists to administrators, teachers, students, parents, and the public.
  • Recommend to the Superintendent the necessary personnel to be employed in special services areas and participate in the interview and evaluation process.
  • Assume responsibility for the professional guidance, supervision, and development of special education personnel, including social workers, psychologists, nurses, special education teachers, speech therapists, and necessary non-certificated personnel.
  • Evaluate or contribute to the evaluation of special services and/or administrative staff when indicated.
  • Provide consultation to and coordination of special education and pupil personnel services, including the related services of school nurse, social worker, psychologists and guidance counselors.
  • Hold regularly scheduled meetings with specialized staff to enhance services, facilitate communication, provide staff development, provide direction and coordination of programming, and ensure compliance with district, state and federal rules, regulations and procedures.

Provide technical assistance and administrative guidance for special services programs and related services.

  • Provide technical assistance and administrative guidance regarding legal requirements, rules and regulations, procedural requirements and educational decisions related to special services and programming.
  • Assume major responsibility for informing the Board about rules and regulations for special education.
  • Assume leadership in the development and implementation of policy and procedures for Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
  • Assume leadership in the development and implementation of policy and procedures for Behavior Intervention Guidelines.
  • Chair Behavior Committee arranging required meetings.
  • Chair SPELT Committee.
  • Chair District Wellness Committee
  • Write and implement district special education procedures, incorporating federal and state mandates as well as procedures from the local cooperative.
  • Annually review threat assessment procedures.
  • Develop and implement procedures and determine eligibility for homebound tutoring.
  • Participate in and provide technical assistance for multidisciplinary conferences and/or staffings for all students involved in consideration for, or placement in, self-contained special education programs.
  • Develop systems for the efficient and effective delivery of services, incorporating written procedures for the guidance of building case managers.
  • Direct the implementation of full and individualized evaluations for students, including identification, referral, diagnosis, and placement.
  • Monitor procedures for the reporting of cases of suspected child abuse and investigate outcome.
  • Participate in the conferences of local, state, and national organizations as a means of maintaining knowledge of current trends and legal aspects of special education.
  • Assist in MTSS as it applies to special education eligibility.
  • Assume responsibilities as the district Homeless Liaison and oversee services for eligible students in accordance with the McKinney Vento Act.
  • Act as liaison and coordinate partnerships with local, regional and state agencies responsible for the provision and oversight of specialized services.
  • Establish effective liaison with agencies, which provide specialized services.
  • Establish effective working relationships with governmental and private agencies, which provide various types of assistance.
  • Recommend the appropriate low incidence special education placement and/or service providers of individual students based upon the IEP team’s determination of educational needs and supports IEP teams in developing appropriate individualized educational plans.
  • Arrange for multidisciplinary conferences/staffings for all students involved in consideration for, or placement in, itinerant programs for the hearing impaired, visually impaired, or physically handicapped.
  • Arrange for transportation of special education students and monitor the system and its effect on students.
  • Attend and participate in administrative meetings of the Special Education Cooperative and other regional council meetings.
  • Consult with other District administrators for students referred from private and/or parochial schools for consideration of special services.
  • Meet with parents and school representatives from all private and parochial schools on an annual basis.
  • Investigate and monitor appropriate placements outside of the District when indicated, including private special education programs, cooperative programs and the county safe schools program.
  • Assume administrative responsibility for registration of complaints, for mediation, and Due Process hearings involving any District student.


  • Direct and supervises budgeting, compliance, grants, reporting requirements and data management of special services.
  • Oversee completion and submission to the state the annual immunization survey, and other required health reports or statistics.
  • Develop the District's annual grant application and amendments related to special services and programs, and submit them to the Superintendent, the Board of Education and the Illinois State Board of Education for approval.
  • Process documents relating to child count, tuition billing, state reimbursement, and personnel approval, providing for accurate preparation of all federal, state, and local special education reports.
  • Provide information and guidance for the development of the budget as it pertains to special services and administer the adopted program budget.
  • Oversee the maintenance of class list information for students in special education, including self-contained programs, and distribute them to appropriate personnel as needed.

 Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Special Education and Student Services.


  • Master’s Degree
  • Current Illinois Professional Educator License
  • Required Endorsements: General Administrative
  • Preferred Endorsement: Director of Special Education
  • Successful completion of ISBE approved Teacher Performance Evaluator Training or willing to complete training
  • Experience working in special education as an administrator
  • Special Education classroom experience or school services personnel experience
  • Knowledge of and understanding of federal and state statutes and regulations and practices those accurately and effectively
  • A proven educator who is committed to students with disabilities
  • Demonstrated understanding and acceptance of diverse students, ensuring educational equity and embraces a culture of inclusivity for all learners
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills
  • An active member of professional organizations to keep abreast of current issues and best practices in special education.


12 month position

Salary commensurate based on qualifications and experience. Benefit Package

Additional Notes

This is a one year position with the intent to transition to the position of Director of Special Education and Student Services in 2023-2024.

How to Apply

Interested external candidates should complete the on-line application through the district website.

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