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Aurora West School District 129

Position: Fourth Grade Curriculum Coordinator

Reports to:  Director of Secondary Education / Director of Elementary Education


Level: District Administrative Level 1


Contract Length: 11 months




Qualified candidates should:


  • Hold a valid Illinois State Board of Education Professional Education License


  • A valid Illinois Driver’s License


  • Have teaching/clinical experience within the last five years, in the department/grade level of assigned supervisory responsibility.


** If identified for hire a candidate must take and present evidence of completion of Illinois Teacher Evaluation modules

Preferred Professional Experience:

  • Demonstrated success in providing staff development using best practices
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to use the data from assessments to inform changes in classroom instruction
  • Demonstrated success in working with adults and working knowledge of adult learning theories
  • Familiarity with word processing, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to carry out each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or ability required.


Working Conditions


  • Office Environment
  • Classroom environment
  • Driving a vehicle to conduct work





Roles and Responsibilities


  • Regularly meet with Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Directors of Secondary, Elementary Education, ELL, Special Education, Assessment, principals, and curricular/grade level teachers.


  • Evaluate classroom instruction and provide feedback to principals and classroom staff on ways to increase effectiveness of instruction for all students, the implementation of the district curriculum, reading and writing strategies, and best practice as it relates to instruction.


  • Assist building principals and classroom staff with the effective use of instructional materials and equipment, including use of technology, the delivery of the district curriculum, effective instructional strategies, and application of student assessment techniques.


  • Evaluate assigned teachers using the school district approved evaluation plan.


  • Assist building administrators with the identification, interviewing, and hiring of teachers.


  • Provide staff development on current best practices in education including reading and writing across the curriculum, and serve as a mentor and model in developing and demonstrating teaching techniques that are effective with a school's population.


  • Organize and facilitate discussions with classroom staff and administrators about curriculum and instruction, such as grade level meetings or study groups to provide opportunities for teachers and staff to focus on content, classroom pedagogy, student work, assessment, grade reporting, student learning, reading and writing across the curriculum and curriculum implementation.


  • Work with classroom, building grade level, or content area data, in order to identify student trends as well as to support identification of professional development needs.


  • Assist staff in understanding and implementing national, state, and district standards, in analyzing student achievement data, and in determining how to focus instruction to remediate and reinforce skills and knowledge in the content area.


  • Assist staff in the development and management of student observation techniques and other assessment strategies, such as authentic or performance assessments and portfolios, to determine student mastery of content skills as well as determine areas that need increased instruction.


  • Assist staff in using informal assessments (anecdotal records, observation techniques, running records, performance assessments, etc.) to determine student progress.


  • Keep accurate records of various types of activities provided in schools, such as demonstration teaching presented to staff members, classroom observations, and staff development activities. Document interventions for analysis of what works and what is not working.


  • Regularly meet with district and building administrators to provide assistance in curriculum development and implementation, staff development, and assessment.


  • Conduct curriculum review to analyze curriculum content including formative and summative assessments.  Work with professional staff to make curricular recommendations to Director of Elementary and/or Secondary Education.


  • Conduct review of instructional materials and make recommendations for change through involvement of instructional staff through district approved procedures (Curriculum Committee work and Instructional Council) for recommendation to the superintendent.  Upon approval, coordinate ordering and distribution of materials.


  • Plan and coordinate district-wide staff development activities.


  • Work with Director of Assessment in order to identify classroom, building grade level, and district grade level trends in order to align professional development targets


  • Recommend budget allocations. Administer and monitor approved budget allocations.


  • Keep abreast of new materials, current research trends, techniques and ideas through reading professional materials and attendance at seminars, conferences, workshops within and outside of the district.


  • Assume any other duties as may from time to time be delegated by the Director of Elementary Education.  The Director of Elementary Education may make any adjustment in the scope of responsibilities as outlined above which will be in the best interest of the school district.


  • Be an active member of the school district curriculum council







ADDITIONAL DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS/SKILLS: Elementary teaching experience and experience working with diverse populations.

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