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Duties shall include but are not limited to the following:

1.      Become acquainted with the Board Policies and Administrative Procedures and exercise professional loyalty in adhering to these policies.

2.      Establishes and maintains Special Education services for students with disabilities.

3.      Implements the district’s philosophy of inclusive education.

4.      Manage and coordinate district Response to Intervention (RtI) services.

5.      Supports the district’s curriculum as it relates to the needs of students with disabilities.

6.      Ordering and maintaining testing kits and protocols that are appropriate to the population to be served.

7.      Chair all special education Individual Educational Program (IEP) meetings.

8.      Consult with school staff and administration regarding the individual needs of the students.

9.      Consult with parents regarding the specific needs of their child.

10.   Coordination of preschool screening.

11.   Consults with superintendent and other administration to serve as a resource in district-wide planning activities.

12.   Conducts periodic and ongoing program evaluation and student progress monitoring.

13.   Manages the financial systems of Special Education programs and services.

14.   Assists with the coordinator of central and building budgets for special education services.

15.   Assists the building principals in recruitment, selection, and placement of special education personnel.

16.   Determines the needs of new programs and services and makes recommendations to the Superintendent and Board of Education.

17.   Plans and implements a system of record keeping for special education students and personnel, including annual child count, and home bound instruction.

18.   Participates in professional development for self and district staff to assist in providing services to increase student achievement for all students.

19.   Develops and promotes appropriate, adequate procedures for screening, identification and diagnosis, and treatment of students with disabilities.

20.   Coordinates procedures for the placement, transfer, treatment, and termination of students in special education programs.

21.   Interprets special education services to school personnel and the community at large.

22.   Identifies adequate supplies, materials, and equipment for special education programs.

23.   When appropriate, attends and makes recommendations at student disciplinary hearings for students with disabilities.

24.   Coordinates with the Director of Transportation to ensure that transportation is provided as delineated on the IEPs.

25.   Maintains liaison and active participation with educational leaders in state-of-the-art practices at regional, state and national levels.

26.   Adheres to the policies and procedures as mandated through state and federal legislation.

27.   Participates in grant writing as it relates to special education services.

28.   Serves as district coordinator of pre-school programs, including the supervision of staff, monitoring programs, and writing and managing the grants for the program.

29.   Perform such duties commonly associated with the Director’s position as may be assigned by the Board and the Superintendent


  • General Administrative endorsement and/or Director of Special Education endorsement
  • Master's in Special Education preferred


200 day contract

Salary will be regionally competitive and based on qualifications and experience

How to Apply

Interested candidates should email the following information to Mr. Damon Hackett, dhackett@deemack.org

  • Letter of introduction
  • Resume
  • Three recent letters of recommendation
  • Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) Credentials

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